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When last we left off, we’d just spent our day in a wonderful state of relaxation. Followed by an equally relaxing and delicious dinner. So we thought we’d continue with that theme. Here’s a little visual “taste” of our delicious dinner.

Due to some pre-dinner wine, then being required to try both the red and white house wine at dinner (so we could decide which bottle to buy and bring home with us…of course!) we were already having a great evening. I’m not exactly sure how the timeline went after dinner, but I’ll try my very best.

We wandered back into the town square after dinner, with no particular destination in mind. As we wandered, we stumbled upon a bar/restaurant with outdoor karaoke. So we stopped to watch.

We had so much fun singing trying to sing along to some Italian songs we didn’t know and some English songs we did, we decided to have a seat.

We got hooked with this song Sara Perche Ti Amo by Ricchi E Poveri. Sorry I couldn’t find a better video for you.

Some of us decided it was time for limoncello and some of us decided on gelato. Really there’s no bad time for either in Italy.

But having a seat turned out to be a bad idea. The karaoke MC spotted us right away and decided we needed to sing a song. So after a little prodding, the four of us got on stage. We needed to sing a song we all kind of knew, and that the Italians would probably know too. We suggested all kinds of things. Spice Girls. Michael Jackson. They didn’t have any of it. But then they found a song for us.

Spoiler Alert. This does not turn out well.

What did they pick you ask? A Whitney Houston song. We were thankful it wasn’t I Will Always Love You. But what they picked was almost worse.

I Believe The Children Are Our Future.

Did you know that song is 800 minutes long? Well it’s not, but that’s about how long it feels when you are on stage howling it out at the top of your lungs, slightly drunk from dinner. And none of us can really sing so it was reminiscent of the song that never ends.

We settled our bill as soon as we hopped off stage, and high tailed it out of there. Embarrassing as it was, I’d say it was one of the most fun memories I have from our trip.

We wanted to try the famous Calabrian granita place Cherrye told us about, Bar la Torre.  (Seriously, it is so awesome to have a local friend/travel advice giver.) What we didn’t realize is that we’d actually stopped there the night before for Linsi to get some gelato. But this night was all about the granita (sort of like shaved ice and made completely with fresh fruit.) I got some berry flavored granita.

We even met the owners of the place and the inventor of the granita!

After getting our granitas, we decided that we should play on the playground. This shot of me was taken only moments right before I realized the spring on that thing was super loose and I fell on the ground. I didn’t spill a drop though!

Jane stayed on though.

Then right after that, a guy recognized us from karaoke and offered to give us a free ride at the carnival that was just on the other side of the park. So we couldn’t say no. I can’t quickly find the picture of myself in the carnival ride, but I here’s a picture of Daniella and a short video I took. It was so awesome!

After that, we were pretty much done for the night, and we had to get up a little early in the morning to catch the train to meet up with Cherrye and Peppe. And to go to our cooking demonstration! But that didn’t stop us from finishing the rest of the wine when we got back to the hotel. So we didn’t have to carry it with us, of course.


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