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Sweet Dreams

I can always remember having pretty vivid dreams. When I was young I had a recurring dream that a dinosaur that was stomping through the neighborhood. I don’t have that one anymore, but I think I figured out that there was a spot somewhere in the street in front of our house, that when a car would drive over it, it would make a loud noise. Maybe like when they put a big sheet of metal over a hole.

I also once had a dream about an evil snowman that I thought was in my room, at the foot of my bed and wanted to get my sister. I remember sleeping with my head under the covers all night, because I was afraid he was still out there.

Taylor never really dreams, or at least they aren’t anything he remembers when we wakes up. But I almost always have something to tell him about my dreams.

A couple of nights ago it was a good dream. There was a big party, with a bunch of family and friends. Even people I haven’t seen in forever. I thought the party was a going away party for my friends Cherrye and Peppe. But it turned out that the party was for me too, and that all the family and friends had pooled their money for me to be able to go to visit Italy too! They all knew how much I wanted to go. (Side note 1: In real life, they had just left to go back home to Italy that same day, so I had been thinking about them a good bit. Side note 2: Friends, family, now you know what to get me if you are ever stumped for a gift idea!)

Then last night I had a weird dream. In my dream, someone was making bacon out of strips of human skin. Only, in the dream it wasn’t gruesome, it was normal. And people walked around without their skin. That was normal, and kind of cool. But then, they also made clothes out of the human skin bacon. Like, skin bacon shirts and skirts. Flowy skirts of raw human bacon. Sorry, I’ll stop now. It’s all very strange indeed.

When I told Taylor, he threatened that I wouldn’t be allowed to read anymore before bed if I keep having strange dreams.  It’s only the Hunger Games. (He might have also been creeped out a little bit.)

So, now it is your turn to tell me about your dreams!


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