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The coolest thing about Southern Italy is that there are so many places to visit within a few minutes, to a couple of hours driving. So our next day trip took us to Pizzo.

Another cool thing about Southern Italy, is that almost everything is on the coast, so you get beautiful views almost everywhere you go!

For our first stop in Pizzo, Cherrye brought us to the Chiesa di Piedigrotta.

According to legend, some sailors were caught in a very bad storm and thought they’d all die. So they prayed to the Madonna, that if their lives were spared, they’d build her a shrine. So they washed up on this beach, climbed into this cave and began building a shrine to the Madonna.

Over many years, artists have come come to add to the shrine, and there are many aging, yet beautiful, sculptures and frescoes that give thanks to the Madonna.

A trip to Pizzo is not complete without trying the famous Tartufo di Pizzo. To call it just ice cream would be a sin, as Tartufo is so much more. To find it you go into downtown Pizzo and stop at almost any restaurant. Many of them claim to have created the Tartufo.

Make your own taste test contest by trying several places. But anyway, to the Tartufo. Tartufo means truffle, and the traditional tartufo is chocolate and hazelnut ice cream, with a liquid chocolate center, rolled in cocoa powder.

We also tried a white chocolate version that was equally delicious.

After your tartufo. You might want to walk off a few calories, and Pizzo has plenty of breathtaking views.

This is the Murat Castle. We couldn’t go inside the day we visited, but after seeing Murat, during our trip we saw 3 of Cherrye’s 5 favorite fortresses in Calabria.

No trip with girlfriends is complete without a (mostly complete) group photo!

I’ve got one more post about Italian hospitality before we wrap up, so I hope you don’t miss it.


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