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Scarf Swap

The really cool Jess at JustExpressive, hosts a scarf swap each year in honor of her birthday. I didn’t meet her until last year at the Blathering and then since she lives near-ish to my parents, we got together brunch around Thanksgiving, and ended up chatting for 4 hours. She’s pretty great!

The gist of the scarf swap is that you are assigned a swap partner, and you buy each other something you think the other person would like. My swap partner was Kristabella. I’ve never met her in real life, but we’ve gotten to know each other online over the past few years. If 2012 isn’t the year we meet up, I guess it’s not meant to be.

She and I discussed our scarf preferences and went our separate directions to buy. Here’s what I chose for her. Something she could wear in cold-ish winters, but also fashionably.

And a few days after I sent that scarf off to her, I found a package at my door. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be so crazy if we bought each other the same scarf!” Then I thought realistically, “Overstock.com has lots of scarves, so just because the package looks similar, doesn’t mean it’s the same.”

But y’all! Look what I got!


We picked the SAME SCARF! I got her the one that’s more purple, and she got me the one that’s more red! And we both love them!

I’m really excited about this because I really liked the scarf I picked for her, and strongly considered buying one for myself. Now I don’t have to!

How crazy is that!!!

(If you like the scarf enough to get one for yourself, it’s called the Cotton Bina Scarf in the Worldstock section of Overstock.com. Kristin and I even helped support education in Nepal with our scarf swap purchases.)


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Participating in a Crappy Day Present swap was one of the best things ever. Here’s the post where I showed you what I received and also a sneak peek at what I sent out. I enjoyed participating so much that I signed up again. (PS If you would like to have some little presents to open when your day is crappy, go to  HERE for instructions on how to sign up to send AND receive your very own crappy day present package.)

I have been lucky that there haven’t been many crappy days since I got my very own crappy day package. But then again, I was off work for almost two weeks for Christmas and the New Year.

Right before I had to go back to work, I opened this one with chocolate! And hot chocolate! And an awesome handmade coaster/pot holder.


Today was just a rough day. Not the worst by any means, but I woke up with the same headache I went to bed with, and I didn’t sleep particularly well overall. I had a few issues to deal with at work, nothing so major, but just a little annoying.

So, after Taylor offered to stop at the store to get wine and ice cream, (wine for me, ice cream for him…he had a busy day too) I came home and opened another present. This one was really awesome. MORE hot chocolate!! And two really neat, tiny, framed silk paintings. I can’t decide where I want to put them just yet, but I really love them.


That Carmen really knows how to put together an awesome gift package.

Not that I want crappy days to happen, but I could definitely get used to this present thing when I’m feeling down.

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The coolest thing about blogging is that there is an instant community you can become a part of. This is a story about why blogging is so awesome.

A few weeks ago, I was having a crappy day. I don’t even remember what had me down, but I remembered reading about Crappy Day Presents. (Crappy Day presents are little presents that you get from a friend and save to open when you’re having a crappy day.)

So I asked my Twitter friends if anyone wanted to do an exchange. But, the lovely lady behind Doing My Best had already proposed the very same thing a little earlier in the day. (She’s really the mastermind behind the whole Crappy Day Present movement!) So I signed right up, and started thinking of gifts to send to someone else, in hopes of making their day brighter.

And yesterday, when I got home from work, I found a key in my mailbox. That meant there was a package waiting for me. I didn’t think I was waiting for anything else in the mail, so I started getting excited. After several attempts at trying to put the key in the wrong lock, I opened one of the large mailboxes and there it was, my Crappy Day Present!

As soon as I got in the door of the apartment, I grabbed the scissors and opened the box to find this!!


I was so excited!

And since I’ve had a sore throat all week, been sleeping horribly (propped up on 2 pillows, granny style), and woken up that morning all congested, which made me have to breathe out of my mouth all day, I decided it was ok for me to open one of the presents. I opened one that had a little hole in the wrapping paper to discover some cute nail files and some lemon drop salt scrub. (I would have been trying to peep at what was inside anyway!)

I ran myself a hot bath and used the salt scrub right away.


Thank you so much to Carmen for my lovely gifts. I can’t wait to open the rest! Not that I love crappy days, but at least I know I have something to look forward to when those days come around.

Also, thanks again to Doing My Best for organizing the exchange. It was so much fun to participate.

And just in case you were wondering, here’s what I sent to my person in the exchange. I can’t tell you what everything is, because I don’t want to give anything away to the recipient (or anyone I might send a Crappy Day Present to in the future!) but I had a really fun time gathering the gifts.

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