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What’s up

So much is going on lately, so I figured I’d let you in on what I’ve been up to.

A trip to Chicago and DC.
Chicago was way back in May, but I still have good stuff to tell you about that trip.  

DC was for my sorority convention. I had such a great time. And I promise a post of its own, even though I was too busy for sight-seeing the majority of the time.

It’s totally not like me to be a shopping fool, but lately I’ve been shopping like there’s no tomorrow. During my DC trip, I went to Georgetown and I bought two pairs of shorts like these at H&M…dark khaki and black, I really wanted the white ones, but they didn’t have my size.

I also bought this top in the same color as the model (a tomato-y,  reddish-orange color) and also black. If I see something I love, I’ll usually buy it in several colors.

I also bought a dress, I can’t find it on the H&M website though. I guess you’d call it a shirt dress; it’s black, short-sleeved and hits just above the knee. It buttons halfway down and has a belt that ties at the waist. Unfortunately, right now I am too lazy to get up and take a picture of the actual dress. Sorry, perhaps when I wear it I’ll take a photo and post it for you.  Since I couldn’t find online pics of the shoes I bought, I just had to get up and get pictures. Here’s the dress. Sorry the pic of it hanging on my shower rod doesn’t really do it justice.

And here are the two pairs of shoes I bought DSW. One, a pair of flats, Michael by Michael Kors and the other, a pair of beaded flip-flop/sandals, Reaction by Kenneth Cole.

Can any of you ladies give me some advice about wearing shoes without socks? I bought some Kiwi Smiling Feet gel heel liners to help with the ballet flats cutting into my heels. And I also have some of the BandAid Blister Block too, but it still doesn’t keep the shoes from rubbing my toes a little raw. 

Admittedly, I’ve also spent a fair amount of hours at Kohl’s this summer too.

Thank goodness a new XBox game came out for Taylor to play.

So, what have you been up to?


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