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So this is my mutant cherry tomato plant.


You might recall, it looked like this just about 3 weeks ago.

And now it’s grown to about 5 feet wide and almost 4 feet tall. You can barely see the other tomato plant to the left, since the mutant is clearly overshadowing it. Thank goodness I had an old, holey pair of tights in my drawer. I’ve been using strips of tights to tie the branches of the plant up, since a regular cage won’t work in my planter box.


Here’s what the mutant looks like from the parking lot.


The first bunch of cherry tomatoes is starting to turn, and there are at least 10 more bunches. I can’t wait to eat fresh, home-grown cherry tomatoes this summer.


The only other things of note in my patio garden are the beans. I had high hopes for my green beans, but after picking about 10 beans, the plants had enough of the heat and promptly began a slow death. (Note to self, start earlier next year.)


The snap peas still give me a tiny glimmer of hope since they keep growing taller and taller, but there haven’t been any blooms, so I’ll just keep waiting, likely until they die.


I don’t have a picture, but the basil, chives and rosemary are doing great. The onions are doing fine, but still have a long way to go.

And last, the giant peace lily that I always keep in the dark corner of the patio is doing really awesome this year and has put out almost 10 blooms so far.




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