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A few weeks ago -R- and I were chatting when the conversation turned to best friend jewelry. She said she didn’t remember ever having any. I knew I had, so I dug through my jewelry box, and lo and behold.


Having both halves could mean I didn’t have anyone to give the other half to, but judging on the state of the “Friends” half, maybe I had two best friends!

I also have half a “FRIENDS FOREVER” necklace. When I was in high school, my German pen pal and her family had a layover in Houston when they were on vacation, so we met up at the airport. This was back before the mega security, so we could go to one of the restaurants in their terminal. We exchanged a few gifts with each other, and so maybe wherever she is now, she’s still got the other half.

I also exchanged my fair share of friendship bracelets, but I couldn’t find any inĀ  my jewelry box.

Anyone else still have some of these childhood artifacts? Were you more a bracelet or necklace best friend?


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