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This is probably going to be one of the worst descriptions of a product I love, but I really think you’ll like it. Anyhow, this weekend I was shopping at Antropologie. While I don’t usually find clothes I just can’t live without, their fragrances and bath stuff usually manages to catch  my eye (or nose).


When I travel for work, I occasionally get to stay at a nice hotel for conferences. So when I smelled this hand creme, it instantly reminded me of the fresh, non-offensive floral smell that nice hotels pump through the air vents. (Told you it was a terrible description.)

 But honestly, this stuff smells SO GOOD.


It the scent is called Meyer Blooms and when I picked it up I thought it would smell like lemons, but it doesn’t. The Anthropologie site describes it as “a sweet mix of hyacinth, lily of the valley, vanilla and fresh Meyer lemons”. My nose isn’t really tuned to what all that means, but like I said before, it’s fresh, but floral. And definitely non-offensive. The scent lasts for hours, unlike most lotions. It’s rich and creamy, so you don’ t need to use too much. At $20 for the tube, it is a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. (But, considering that they sell also $200 dresses, you’ll actually come out cheap.)

So if you find yourself near Anthropologie soon, wander in and see what you think.

Also, I totally bought this myself. No one at Anthropologie knows me and most certainly, no one gives me free stuff.  


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