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After working on the flowers, we realized it was time to decide where we wanted to go for girls night. I didn’t really have a traditional bachelorette party, and my girls don’t live in the same town, so we thought it would be fun to spend Friday night out on the town.

I called Bess Bistro (it’s owned by Sandra Bullock) and made a reservation. We didn’t have a lot of time so we hurried up and got pretty, then headed out.

andrea bess bistro june 2009 (Custom)

The place was really fun and the atmosphere was cool-the place was in the basement of a historical building. There was a DJ playing music.

andrea and girls at bess bistro june 2009 (Custom)

We shared appetizers of fried artichokes, had delicious wine,

andrea bess wine june 2009 (Custom)

yummy comfort food (macaroni and cheese, croque monsieur, pot pies, garlic shrimp, fish and chips)

andrea bess mac and cheese june 2009 (Custom)

andrea bess croque monsieur june 2009 (Custom)

andrea bess pot pie june 2009 (Custom)

andrea bess garlic shrimp june 2009 (Custom)

andrea bess fish and chips june 2009 (Custom)

and dessert that was just to die for (fruit and chocolate fondue and profiteroles).

andrea bess dessert june 2009 (Custom)

Once we were stuffed, we headed out to 6th street for a little more fun.  The first club we went into was empty, we were literally the only people in there besides the bartender and the DJ. They wouldn’t even play the songs we wanted to hear so we left.

The next place we went ended up being where we stayed the rest of the night – Pete’s Piano bar.

andrea and girls at pete's piano bar june 2009 (Custom)

We had a couple drinks, and were lucky enough to snag a table, so we spent the rest of the night singing and dancing along to the dueling pianos, people watching and taking pictures. Not long after I danced on the stage (with other people, and only very briefly, not even worth the photographic evidence) we decided to call it a night. We headed back to the hotel and crashed.

The night was really even better than I could have ever hoped for…it was so much fun! And I’m so lucky to have such great friends.

You haven’t missed too much yet. Catch up on the rest of the wedding weekend here.
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And this weekend was a good one.  Saturday was spent finishing up some homework for a class I am taking.  Since it was Taylor’s birthday we made breakfast in the morning and just hung out until my class started at 1:00PM. 
Class was good.  I consider myself an above-average public speaker, but was nervous to get up in front of the class and share part of my developmental story.  I think part of the nervousness was that I can’t share much, because people I know are in the class and some of my development comes from experiencing particular negative situations in my career.  And those people I know, know some of the people involved.  I have been considering sharing parts of my story with you here on the blog.  Thankfully, a friend is teaching the class and he understands (since he’s part of the story!)

After class we went to Taylor’s parent’s house and had pizza and cake (funfetti with strawberry icing…Taylor’s favorite) and watched the Dallas Cowboys.  We laughed so much…oddly one of the topics was our brother-in-law’s underwear!

Today, we did our usual breakfast out, and went on a drive up to the hill country to one of the ugliest lakes I’ve ever seen.  I felt sad for the employees who were working there, because the place really was ugly.  I can’t imagine why people would camp there. 

We went to the grocery store to pick up a few items for some new recipes I decided to try.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.  On the way home, we heard a loud noise while going through the intersection near our apartment.  Of course, when we got home we heard a loud hissing in one of the tires.  After we put away the groceries, we changed the flat tire to the spare, and looked up tire places.  How is it that tire places don’t open until 8:00AM? 

Anyhow, I’m sitting here, sifting through pictures for my next few blog posts, drinking a delicious glass of Tapena Tempranillo wine and waiting for dinner to finish in the oven. 

It has been a good day.

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It’s a wonder

…that anyone actually reads my blog anymore.  I suck at this but I do love that there is an outlet for me and my randomness when I feel the urge.  Without further ado, I present a photo montage of my recent Vegas Vacation/Work trip.

I’m that person who takes pictures out the window of the plane.  It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it all looks from up there.  las-vegas-2009-clouds

I stayed at the Riveria, home of the Crazy Girls.  las-vegas-2009-the-riviera

I checked out the Venetian 

I did not check out this placelas-vegas-2009-sexpresso

It was next door to this placelas-vegas-2009-strip-ts

My friend Linsi flew in to hang out.  So we visited Paris

the fountains at the Bellagio

the Treasure Island Pirate Show

And the volcano at the Mirage

We drank yummy margaritas

And a fair amount of wine.

The guy with no shirt really liked himself and nearly fell in a fountain while we were watching.

Right after meeting some sketchy drug dealer dudes on the Deuce (ha check out that alliteration!) we were in downtown Las Vegas…the old part of town. 

And we saw Kenny G (sorry he’s blurry)

And someone telling everyone they were going to hell and they are sinners.

We went back to the hotel and got all dolled up for a night out dancing…and don’t have any pictures!  Seriously I suck!

Last thing we visited on my way out of town was the world’s largest gift shop.  And I didn’t even buy anything. 

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My best friend from college and I LUVed Tenacious D and the video to the song Tribute.  You should check it out here

So, this post is not about the song Tribute, but rather “The World’s Most Popular Wine“. 

Yesterday at Spec’s I saw one lady with not one, but two boxes of Franzia and another lady with a box.  Neither of them had a bag to carry the wine out to their car, they carried it briefcase style.  I wasn’t there very long, and considering the sheer volume of wines to choose from, one might say that Franzia could be the best wine in the world.  For now, I don’t know, since I bought this…


It’s Gazela Vinho Verde from Portugal.  I don’t normally go for the whites but it caught my attention.  It’s got a tiny bit of carbonation and is pretty yummy.  I’m a wine cheapo, and I think it was around $6.

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Thanksgiving 2008

This Thanksgiving was a little different than usual.  I came in (by myself) around 11AM on Thanksgiving morning (usually I spend the night before).  We also didn’t have a single guest.  My folks have been known to have any where from 5 (just our family) to about 15-20ish people at Thanksgiving dinner (that was the year they wanted to get new furniture so they threw out the old stuff, and made room for tables and chairs on Thanksgiving day before the new furniture was delivered.)

This year was a rare, immediate family only event.  I played with my camera, taking pictures of the neighbor’s nectarine tree (using macro).

Nectarines 08

And mom reading (using infinity).

mom 08

Some red berries (macro).

berries 08

Of course, the turkey. You gotta have an oven baked turkey for making gravy.

baked turkey 08

And the second turkey.  It’s not Thanksgiving in our household without a fried turkey.

fried turkey 08

Dad carves up the turkey.

dad carving the turkey 08

My favorite side dish, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top!!

sweet potatoes 08

The wine I brought to try.  I liked it and mom did too.  Sis didn’t like it too much.

wine 08

And I can’t forget the family pet, Baxter.

baxter 08

We found him around last Christmas when he was shivering and hungry on the front porch.  Sis and I fed him some ham, and he stuck around.  He’s a sweet dog, and doesn’t wear a retainer to bed.  🙂

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

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Delicious Dish

Friday night I had a delicious meal of grilled cheese and tomato Parmesan soup.  The soup was from a jar and the sandwich was made to family recipe specifications.

Two slices of bread, buttered on one side of each slice

Two slices of Kraft Singles cheese

In a pan on medium heat, put one slice of bread, butter side down.   Add both cheese slices and the remaining slice of bread, this time butter side up.  After a few minutes, flip the sandwich to brown 2nd slice of bread and continue melting cheese.  Watch and listen to make sure you cook both sides to your desired doneness.  Enjoy!

grilled cheese

I also tried a new wine called Pinot Evil, the title of which cracks me up!  It’s a little more expensive than the $4-6 bottles I usually buy…I can’t find the receipt but do remember it being around $8.  The wine connoisseur in me rates it as fruity tasting and possibly a repeat buy.


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