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Two years ago, Taylor and I tied the knot.

I could wax poetic about how much I love him and how happy we are, but I’ll spare you. For the most part. 

I will tell you we are so very happy. And we enjoy being married. We enjoy each other’s company and laugh together… a lot.

Two years has passed in the blink of an eye. And we are looking forward to many more years to come.

Photo by Michelle Loconto


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On Friday of the wedding weekend, we woke up pretty early because we planned to leave around 8AM to meet my parents in Houston. We loaded all our luggage and any decorations in both mine and Taylor’s cars.  Linsi and Cherrye got here, and after stopping for breakfast at McDonald’s and to fill up, we hit the road. 

The trip to Mom & Dad’s was easy and we got there by 10AM, which left us a little time to say hi to the grandparents who had arrived the previous couple of days.  We quickly packed the rest of our stuff in my parents’ vehicle, argued about who would sit where and if there would be enough room for everyone and hit the road before my 11AM estimated time of departure. 

Once in Austin, we ate a quick lunch while waiting on everyone else to get to the hotel. After quickly moving in to the hotel, Taylor and I rushed off for a 3PM meeting with our wedding minister, which went smoothly and we were back at the hotel in no time.

Back at the hotel, it was time to start assembling flower arrangements for the restaurant (the fake flowers). The girls painstakingly arranged the flowers in the vases and the guys helped out by watching Cash Cab and breaking the stems to the length we needed. 

Here you can see the painstaking work Jane, Cherrye, and Linsi were doing.  The guys, Nathan (Jane’s Husband) and Taylor were also working hard doing something. 🙂

andrea friday putting arrangements together june 2009

Up next, Girls Night Out!!!

You haven’t missed too much yet. Catch up on the rest of the wedding weekend here.
Simply Perfect – Pre-Wedding Weekend

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What IS she wearing?

Part of every bride’s journey to the altar includes finding THE DRESS.  Everyone kept telling me I would find THE ONE and that I’d just know it when I put it on. Some people even recounted stories of crying when they found their wedding dress.  In many ways I think I put too much pressure on myself based on what everyone had told me.  You’ll recall I tried on many, many, many dresses but my dress ended up being on I’d never seen in person, and didn’t even try on before I decided to buy it.  You’ve seen my dress in the teaser photos, but she deserves a proper introduction.

My dress is a custom made dress by Dolly Couture.  The design is called Milan.  And I love this dress.  I originally saw Dolly Couture featured in a post here on Wedding Chicks, and really loved the uniqueness of the designs. 

Photo by an unknown family member.

When I received the dress, it was everything I hoped it would be.  The organza and tulle detailing was so beautiful.  It didn’t need any alterations, though I did make sure to add a little extra padding in the bust area since I’m not that well endowed. 

wcbrideandrea-dress-detail-sept-2009Photo by Michelle Loconto.

I received many compliments on the dress.  It was 100+ degrees the day of the wedding, so a short dress definitely was a perfect pick.  And even though I didn’t ever have the feeling of finding THE ONE, I did find it in the end. 

Did you have a “THE ONE” feeling when you found your dress?

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I know you’ve been saying “come on Andrea, start recapping the wedding already!”  Your patience has paid off….so sit back and enjoy, while I share the story of our wedding weekend.  

Thursday, June 18th.  I took the day off so I could get a few things done since we were leaving the next day for Austin. I really wish I could have taken off earlier, but my administrative assistant had just returned from maternity leave, so I needed to be in the office on her first day back.   On Thursday, I had a last minute facial.  Facials are always great and super relaxing.  Any of you in the Beaumont, Texas area should check out the Skin Salon & Day Spa in Nederland, Texas.  My esthetician Ashley did a great job whipping my skin into shape during the months leading up to the wedding. 

After my facial, I ate lunch with a friend at my favorite little lunch place in town, Katharine & Company.  Then after pondering giving myself a manicure and pedicure, I opted to swing by a local nail place and have my nails done. 

I think honestly through the whole process, I was the calmest bride-to-be.  There were some things I just wasn’t stressed about.  I didn’t HAVE to have my nails done (thus the last minute pro-mani & pedi).  However, I will admit I did have a mini breakdown on Thursday night.  I was sobbing in Taylor’s arms because the cute birdcage veil I’d so carefully chosen hadn’t arrived, even though I had checked on it several times in the weeks prior and the Etsy vendor promised it would be here in time (despite her shipping it late).  Ultimately, the veil wasn’t THAT big of a deal, but I was disappointed I hadn’t received it (and was kind of mad at the vendor) and that somehow snowballed into a sobbing session. After a few minutes, I was done, and ready to get on with the weekend.  Luckily, I had my tiny breakdown before the weekend kicked off, and everything else was smooth sailing. 

Here’s my veil.  I haven’t quite decided what to do with it yet, since I didn’t get to wear it.  I’m willing to sell it if anyone is interested. 


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Excited all over again

Last week I received our wedding photos in the mail. It’s been about 10 weeks since our wedding, and we actually got the DVDs about 1 month after the wedding. See, we opted to purchase digital rights to the photos as opposed to buying a photo package from our AWESOME photographer, Michelle Loconto in Austin.  (I’ll blog more about  her specifically later, but if you have questions, send me a message and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.)

That’s right, it took 6 more weeks for me to pick which hard copy photos I wanted.  I was able to narrow down from just over 900 photos, to my top 310.  It was so hard to choose!  But it was all worth the wait.  Seeing the photos electronically doesn’t compare to the feeling I felt when I opened the box in the post office parking lot.  Right away the emotions came flooding back, and my eyes welled up with tears just thinking about how happy that day was, how much love I felt and how excited I was to be married to my sweetheart. 

I hope you’ll continue to follow along as I share the stories of our wedding weekend.  In the meantime, another teaser photo!


Photo by Michelle Loconto.

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I already told you about my first bridal shower, and then my sister sent out this lovely invitation for my second shower.  (all photos by me unless otherwise noted.)

andrea shower invitation may 2009

It was a lot less “shower” and a lot more “going out to lunch with some cool gals”.  It was hosted by my sister and my “other mom”. 
andrea bridal shower may 2009

They decorated a party room at Pappasito’s in black and ivory (my wedding colors!!)  I’m lucky my sister works there.
andrea bridal shower table may 2009 002

We had tons of delicious fajitas, chips, queso (my favorite!) and of course a Mexican food shindig wouldn’t be complete without margaritas.  Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the food, but I promise we were all stuffed at the end!  I got a few presents, had a little cake and got to visit with several of the most fabulous ladies I know.  (Also, took a long nap as soon as I got back home!!)

andrea group bridal shower may 2009 029

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