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Recently I’ve decided to take another class, and tonight I’m working on my first assignment.  It’s my developmental story starting from my 1st year of college.  I’m excited about doing it, but needed a few minutes break, so I thought I’d resurrect an old feature.  Today’s procrastination edition includes my top five random thoughts! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

1.  Tomorrow is Taylor’s birthday.  I think I’m more excited than he is. 

2.  I have signed up for the Houston Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday, October 3rd.  I am really looking forward to walking in the 5K event. 

3.  I sent some letters off to friends today.  I absolutely love getting real mail in the box, so I try to share that with my friends when I have a little extra time.

4.  Just over 2 months since the wedding, I’ve got all but 2 of the mandatory wedding thank you notes out (and we just got those gifts in the past two weeks).  I have a few more that are on my list, that I just haven’t quite found the right words to say. 

5.  I’m missing several people this week.  Friends who no longer live close.  Family I can’t see on a regular basis.  But I do know missing them usually makes the times when I do see them even better.


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I know…I don’t have much to say for myself, but I’m glad to be back blogging more these days.  I’ve been thinking of interesting “about me” facts all week.  Some are definitely more interesting than others.

1.  I dry my feet off before stepping out of the shower onto the bath mat.  I don’t like the mat to be wet and it is an especially rude awakening on a cold night when my sock gets wet during a middle of the night bathroom trip.

2.  I almost never stay in front of the sink while brushing my teeth.  I’m usually walking around the house, getting my clothes out of the closet, or multi-tasking in some way.

3.  I wear knee-high stockings with my dress shoes (sandals excluded) because I don’t like it when my feet get sweaty in the shoes, and the stockings seem to help that problem, as well as keeping blisters at bay.

4.  I currently am subscribed to only 15 wedding related blogs in my google reader.

5.  Wedding blogs can make a girl crazy.  It is fun looking at all those super cute ideas, but come on, who really is nutso enough to make their own programs, aisle runner, bathroom baskets, bachelorette party tshirts, invitations, flower arrangements, decorations…I could go on.  But I won’t.  And I won’t be DIY-ing my whole wedding.

Have a good weekend!

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Top Five Friday

Random thoughts edition.

1.  I really love the Skin Tight Denim Creme nail polish I’ve got on my toes right now.

2.  It bugs me how in bridal magazines the mothers of the brides often look like they are competing for best dressed at the wedding. And how all the people in the “real people’s weddings” seem to be “real people who are real millionaires.”

3.  Zicam Oral Mist seems to be a great way to keep a cold under control.

4. Being a grown up is draining sometimes.  Lately I’ve been comparing insurance policies and thinking about how flexible spending plans could help me save money.

5. I got to offer a job to my top candidate today and they accepted.  Now I just have to break the news to someone who thinks they have the job in the bag.

Happy Weekend everyone!  I’m going to a wedding this weekend to scope things out.  I don’t even the girl or guy getting married, her mom is my (temporary) boss.  I’m also going to my first bridal show.  Should be fun times. Maybe I’ll have something good to blog about next week.

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In an attempt to spare you from serious top five friday lameness, I present to you top five yummy recipes. (click on the name to get the recipe.) 

1.  Rosé Sangria It’s made with sparkling rosé wine,  and you can pretty much throw whatever you have on hand in there.  It’s a delicious and dangerous concoction!

2.  Sugar Coated Pecans These are a quick, easy and tasty holiday or any time treat.  And you can make them a lot cheaper than you could buy!  The recipe works well with walnuts too.

3.   Chicken Vesuvio This is a delicious chicken and potatoes dish.  My mom and I had it at Harry Carrey’s in Chicago a few years ago and when we got home, we searched for the recipe and it’s a great fall back recipe.  Play with it and you’ll see there are a few things you can leave out (peas) and a few things you can substitute (chicken breast instead of a jointed chicken).

4.  Garlic Mashed Potatoes Yum!  These are one of my favorite side dishes to prepare.  I love the flavor the Romano cheese gives these potatoes.

5.  Mushroom, Bacon, Swiss Strata  This is an Everyday Bailey staple.  She made it for me last weekend when I came over to wait for the Sleep Number bed guys to bring her new bed.  I haven’t made it yet, but it seems so easy. And you can add additional things you like (tomatoes!)

A tip, just in case you don’t notice.  Several of the recipes are from www.allrecipes.com and at their website you can convert recipes to nearly any serving amount.  (The standard Garlic Mashed Potato recipe is 100 servings!)

Have a great weekend!

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Top Five Friday

Last weekend I went home for father’s day. I forgot my swimsuit so I thought I’d try to find one that was acceptable at Target. No such luck. Thus, in honor of my trip to Target and to summertime, today I bring you the top five terrible swimsuits, summer 2008 edition.

1. The monokini….seriously lets make up our minds. Do you want a one piece or a two piece? You can’t have a one piece that wants to be a two piece…it’s still one piece. GAH! And not to mention this horrid pattern. And the halter top. target.com

2. Monokini #2. Swimwear identity crisis #2. Slightly more attractive. Still makes me say GAH! target.com

3. Bikinis where the bottom is so small, meticulous nether-region maintenance is required. I won’t go on. swimsuits.com

4. Embellishments. This one looks like one of those macrame plant hangers. Forget about actually wearing this one twice, because after you take it off the first time, the strings will be so tangled you won’t know up from down. instyleswimwear.com

5. White. Come on. We all know that the care tags on this white suit say “Not for use at the beach, in swimming pools, hot tubs, or other chlorinated water. Avoid Bond girl antics, tanning, sweating, laying out, lotions, sprays and other chemicals. ” instyleswimwear.com

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Ciao Amici.  That’s right it’s Fun Fact Friday, and I don’t even have a topic.  I gotta get on the ball about this so I don’t continually let you down every other week.  I think today’s “topic” will be randomness!

1.  The locally-owned grocery store down the street sells my favorite wine for $3.99 right now.  It’s called Mattie’s Perch. My favorites are the White Shiraz and the Cabernet Shiraz. 

2. I hate that I’m finding all kinds of wrong/missing info in the tasks I’m trying to do at work.  These mistakes are from the previous owners.  GRRRR!

3. Due to those mistakes, it’s taking me a long time, AND I’ll probably be bringing this home with me to slave over this weekend.

4. I’m going to H-Town for the weekend for father’s day.  My mom, sister and I are supposed to go do something together tomorrow.  I don’t know what we’re actually doing for dad.

5.  I seriously wish I had Fridays off for the summer.  

Happy Friday.

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