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Actually yesterday was our 3rd anniversary. I didn’t plan a post in advance, and couldn’t post yesterday since we left home at 5:30am to drive an hour and a half to take one of our cars to the dealership. (Don’t ask, major service, hubby who doesn’t trust the NEW local dealership, blah, blah, whatever.) At least we got to see a beautiful sunrise.


After the car was finished, we spent a glorious day in The Woodlands. We met up with my best friend, we ate pizza and had wine with lunch. We shopped for a little while before we could check in to our hotel. (If you ever need a place to stay, the SpringHill Suites in The Woodlands is very nice, and very affordable.)

Part of our (MY) motivation to go to The Woodlands for our anniversary was that the Trader Joe’s opened there last week. My dad’s happy anniversary message to us included a special message to Taylor that basically said “You’ve got it easy if for your anniversary all you have to do is take her to a grocery store.” So true. But Trader Joe’s was awesome, and I only bought like half of all the things. (We only brought a small-ish cooler, so I could had to force some restraint on myself.)

After storing all the goodies in our hotel fridge, we headed to PF Changs for dinner with my best friend, her little boy and her husband. We figured, we can have a quiet dinner alone any time, and we’d honestly enjoy spending the time with friends. When the fortune cookies came, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud because my fortune said



We spent the rest of the evening catching up on True Blood and watching various HBO miscellany at the hotel, before turning out the lights.

It was the perfect way to remember our wedding. Three years later, we still laugh together, a lot. This year, things are getting more serious with house buying talks, but we still try to keep things light. We hope we never lose the love and enjoyment we have for each other. I even love that our relationship typically looks a lot more like this


Than this. Here’s to another wonderful year.


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As you may already know, I’ve been gathering my old things from my parents’ house. In all the gathering, I had still been missing a box that contained my yearbooks. This weekend I found the box (along with two others!) So today’s Remember Wednesday takes us all the way back to high school. For me, all the way back is….

  • 9+ years ago
  • band camp, being assistant drum major and playing clarinet
  • yearbook committee
  • summer vacation
  • friends
  • driving the Taurus (and getting in trouble for going to fuddrucker’s)
  • theater class and lip syncing “I will survive” in my mom’s homemade, high school homecoming dress
  • My senior year book…

  • And my letterman jacket….

And so many more awesome (and slightly embarrassing) memories, which I promise to share with you as my 10 year high school reunion comes up next summer. And as I sort through all the boxes to make room for when the fiancé and I share space. This is my spare bedroom closet, which I think is (somewhat) organized….

I know… his stuff won’t fit.

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I know you remember that feeling. The excitement. The joy. The victory….when YOU, not your brother or sister, got the toy from out of the cereal box. And one of my favorites was the Wacky Wall Walker. Shaped like an octopus, you threw it at the wall and it “walked” it’s way down. It was awesome fun. Until it dropped on the ground a few too many times and had dog hair all over it and wouldn’t stick anymore. But wait…wash it off with soap and water and your good to go…the stickiness is back!

That’s right folks, this high tech toy kept us busy for (what seemed like) hours… (picture courtesy X-entertainment)

You can reminisce about Wacky Wall Walkers with me by clicking here!

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There are not enough words for this one…my first college ID photo.

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In the past few weeks/months, I’ve been to my parent’s house several times. They just moved for the first time since I was about 8 years old, so nearly 20 years. Moving is a great time to clean things out, and also reminisce over things you forgot you had. (I should know, throughout college I moved about 9 times I estimate.) Even though I’m a few years out of college, there’s just never been a big need to move some of my “memory” type stuff from their house, but with this move I figured it was time. So today, I present to you a few of my favorite recent finds. Oh, and consider yourself warned, I’m somewhat a pack rat, I have lots of memories, so Remember Wednesday could go on forever!

(the picture of my well-loved, Care Bears- Gentle Heart and Love-A-Lot Bear-has become a victim to something digital…i’ve been fighting to get it to show, but I can’t figure out what’s going on.) 

My middle school cheerleading skirt. Just for reference the Target ad is a touch wider than the skirt. I didn’t really start growing until high school.

A super stash of cassette tapes. Many of them are mix tapes taped off the radio. I don’t have a tape player to play any of them on.

My Girl Scout Brownie and Junior Handbooks. Check out the picture below, taken from my Brownie Handbook.

It was a practice exercise to show that you knew ways to apply the Girl Scout Law to your daily life. My response to Be Honest: Don’t take things that aren’t yours, tell the truth, dont lie because lying is not good. To Be Fair: Be a new girls friend. help her with her homework.

This stuff is awesome! What are some favorite finds from your childhood?

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