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Who does this?

Who buys bedding from an unmarked moving van parked in a gas station parking lot?


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Took this one on my iPod a couple weeks ago.


Today is my first day back from the Christmas break.

Hope y’all have a beautiful day!

(For those checking in through a reader, sorry I published too early!)

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I had a great weekend.

Friday night had some family time in the country with some of Taylor’s relatives. 

Saturday, headed to Houston. Did the usual shopping trip to Francesca’s with my sister and mom. For dinner, we had reservations at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for Houston Restaurant Week (fyi, several of the 130 restaurants have extended the HRW specials until Labor Day). I had a delicious filet mignon and Taylor had salmon. It was really good. We don’t normally do the fancy restaurant thing, but it was really fun getting all dressed up to go out with the family. I think the last time we all got really dressed up to go out for dinner was mom & dad’s 25th anniversary 5 years ago. Before that, um, never.

This morning, I floated in the pool at my parents’ house for over an hour. I’m trying to get a little tan before the summer is over. After that, Taylor and I had some typical pool competitions…swimming above and below the water, running/walking and holding our breath. I won on the swimming, I don’t remember who won on the walking/running and he won holding his breath. He let me stand on his shoulders. And we spun me around to create a whirlpool. It was really fun and we laughed like kids.

This afternoon, we said goodbye to my folks and met up with my bff from college (Jane). Her husband and little boy also came with, and we always have a good time. Her little boy  is 2 1/2 and finally is starting to warm up to us. A couple of times we let him out of the stroller and he ran around, almost smacking into people, and he almost started a few fights with girls at the mall playground. Jane and I did our usual scoping out deals, and trying on fun accessories. I didn’t have my camera, so she took the picture. I’ll have to post it later after she sends it to me. I also couldn’t find one of our other photos to show you, but usually when we go shopping together it’s reminiscent of the following montage of my sister and me, taken a few years ago the day after Christmas…

We were wrapping up our wonderful weekend,  and as Taylor and I left the mall to head back home, I spotted the following (un)classy SHOCKER.

Just one word, TERRIBLE.

Anyhow, the weekend was a great, relaxing way to usher in the new school year. Work will be picking up again. Jacque will be graduating this semester. (GO JAC!!) Life is good.

How was your weekend?

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Well, does they?

I saw this flyer at school yesterday and couldn’t resist. Especially since I haven’t posted a random photo in a while.


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I’m back from San Francisco, 90% better from the illness I came down with on the last day of the trip, a few weeks from another trip to Chicago… things are pretty good.

Taylor went to his parents’ house to help them with a few things this morning. I’ve spent the day starting on laundry, deep cleaning the kitchen and shopping for a few things. I’m about to crank the music back up (to medium, don’t want to bother the neighbors) and get started on a few more projects while I’ve got the energy.

And just to throw in a gratuitous photo of how I feel today…

Almost anyway!

Happy weekend everyone.

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