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This is a really dumb, friendly disagreement in our house, but I thought I’d ask what y’all think.

We have an automatic ice maker in our freezer. It has a little arm that sticks out so if it fills up, it stops making ice. Simple enough.

My argument is that we never use all the ice in there anyway, so I never let it fill up. I will physically pull up the little arm to make it stop when the bucket is about half full. If it gets particularly low, I’ll lower the arm so it will make more ice.

His argument is that it is automatic for a reason. Just let it fill up and let the arm do its job.

I guess I could let it go, and it wouldn’t really matter but, I don’t like to let it fill up is that since we don’t use it all. The ice on the bottom will get all gross, there is greater potential for all the cubes to fuse together into a huge ice block and we’d just have to dump it all out.

So we continue to play this cat and mouse game of putting the arm up and down.

What’s your take?

Do you and your spouse have any friendly disagreements?



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Hah! I got an awesome spam comment the other day. Not the usual rambling mess that I normally get. Check it out…

“I am very happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.”

This was on the “about me” page.

If you haven’t checked it out, my about me page is pretty weak. But I’m glad this person felt I really cleared up misinformation at other blogs.

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Blog Share!

I interrupt my not so regularly scheduled posting to share my blog with another lovely blogger.  

That’s right. It’s blog share time!

As you may already know, Blog Share gives bloggers a chance to share something anonymously on someone else’s blog (genious idea!) Thanks a million to the lovely -R- at And You Know What Else for organizing the Blog Share! 

So without further delay, show some love to today’s anonymous Blog Share blogger. (And be sure to check out the other Blog Share posts which I’ve linked at the end of the post.)


I hate my job. Maybe hate is too strong a word. I really dislike my job most days. I mean, I mostly like my coworkers, and my boss is ok (even good sometimes) and it’s pretty flexible, which is great when you have kids. But I don’t like what I do for a living. It’s not what I thought I would be doing when I graduated college, and it’s not what I want to do long term. The problem I’m having is that I don’t know what I DO want to do long-term.
Ok, if this is anonymous let’s be truthful. I don’t especially like my boss very much these days either. He makes comments about what I eat (“[My name here] always has food around!” said in a condescending tone), and it drives me crazy. First of all, it’s none of your business, and second of all, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I don’t make comments about what you eat, and I would appreciate it if you would show the same courtesy. Grr. Of course, he seems oblivious to the fact that this bothers me.
Also, the industry I work in isn’t exactly one that people are happy to discuss. I used to work in a chocolate store. Now THAT was a happy place to work, even if it was retail. People were always happy when they came in to see you. At my work they are not happy. They don’t come to see me pretty much ever (they call), and they are mad about spending money on something that they don’t see an immediate benefit from. In reality, they don’t WANT to see the benefit from it, because that would mean something bad has happened.
It drags on a person, having to work somewhere like this. I used to be a much happier person.
I have plans to meet with my aunt, who is going to help me figure out what kinds of jobs I might be good at or like doing. Of course that is just the beginning. Once I figure that out, then I actually need to GET a job doing something like that. But at least it would be a step forward. And one step at a time is how everyone has to get there, right?

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1. I got a new phone over the weekend. Taylor and I finally stepped up to the plate and got the new Droid 2 phone.

Motorola DROID 2 Black Smartphone - Verizon Wireless

I still have some issues with paying for cell phones, but thanks to a buy one get one free offer, the blow was lessened (ever so slightly). I love the phone, but have to get used to charging it every day (or multiple times a day if I use it a lot) since the battery runs down very fast running tons of apps.

2. Speaking of apps, it makes me so frustrated that when I can’t finish a level on Angry Birds, then Taylor does it in one or two tries.

3. It is super cold out today. It was 24 when we got in the car this morning. I’m thankful I work inside and have a space heater under my desk.

4. I’ve lost 1 more pound, bringing the total so far to 4 pounds. The eating better is going very well, even with a few meals out this past weekend. And while they are still snug, I’m back in my work pants today. Baby. Steps.  

5. I’m taking a photography class with my dad this weekend (thanks to Jacque for buying it for us for Christmas!) I’m so excited to learn more about my Nikon D40, since I’ve had it two years now and mostly just fiddle around with it.

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Pretty easy to please

So I was ordering a cookie cake for one of my employee’s birthday, and I had the following (only slightly paraphrased) conversation.

Me – Playing myself
Employee 1 – male, takes my order, background character when I pick up cookie
Employee 2 – also male, cashier when I pick up cookie

Employee 1: Thanks for calling the cookie place at the mall, how can I help you?
Me: I’d like to order a cookie cake. Can I pick it up today?
Employee 1: Sure.
Me: Ok, I’d like the 16 inch cookie with design number #, the one with the balloons. I’d like it to say Happy Birthday NAME. I guess just do the balloons with the multi-colors like the picture. I don’t really care, I’m pretty easy to please.
Employee 1: Mmmmm.

At that point he got the usual information from me – name, phone number. I confirmed that I could pick it up this evening before I hung up.

The thing is, the “Mmmmm” seemed kind of slow and, uh, seductive/sexual-ish. But I thought, maybe I imagined that.

I told Taylor about it in the car on the way to the mall, and we both had a good laugh about it.

Well, when we went into the mall to pick up the cookie after work, the conversation went something like this.

Me: I’m here to pick up a cookie the name is Andrea Lastname.
Employee 2: (turns around and speaks to Employee 1) Andrea Lastname. Andrea Lastname? Is that the one you were telling me about.
Employee 1: (somewhat embarrassed looking, downplaying Employee 2’s questions).
Employee 2: The one, from the phone? Andrea Lastname. That’s the one. The one you told me about.

Even while he’s letting me check the spelling on the cookie and ringing up my purchase, Employee 2 is asking Employee 1 about me. And Employee 1 continues to not make eye contact and downplay #2’s questions. I should have asked “is everything ok?” but I didn’t.

After we walked away, Taylor said, what was that all about?

I said, “Well, apparently my assessment of our earlier conversation was correct. He thinks I’m pretty easy to please.”


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I’m guest posting at Cherrye’s home on the web, My Bella Vita. You should go here to check it out.

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