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I came home last night from getting my hair trimmed and Taylor told me he just loves how flat and stringy my hair is.

He tells me something similar pretty often, and he doesn’t mean it as an insult at all. He really means it looks smooth and straight, but he just doesn’t always use the right words. He particularly doesn’t like how big some girls try to make their hair (we do live in the land of big Texas hair) and prefers a simpler look.

He makes me laugh. ūüôā


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I’m trying to write down more stories of things that happen when Taylor and I are together. We laugh so much, and some of the stuff he says is just hilarious/absurd. He also does some pretty nice things for me.

A little background before I get to the story. When he wakes up, Taylor is up. I, on the other hand, take a while to get going.

Husband: (Rolls over, throws his arm over me,¬†and snuggles up close.) Singing…”you are so beautiful, to me….can’t you see.”

Me: (Smiling and giggling as much as I can muster before getting out of bed for work in the morning.)

Husband:¬†You know what’s weird though. That¬†kid was named¬†Alfalfa, which is a pretty weird name. And he was singing to¬†Darla. Darla is the name of¬†a waitress at the Flying J truck stop restaurant.

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The encounter you are about to read is slightly paraphrased based on my memory, since this happened a few weeks ago.

Scene: In the car, listening to the radio.

Husband: This music is terrible. Who is this? Barenaked Ladies?

Me: No, it’s not Barenaked Ladies. It’s Mumford and Sons.

Husband: Ugh. They are a bunch of YAY-HOOs.

Me: What???

Husband: Are those even Mumford’s sons?

Me: (looks up Mumford and Sons on my phone). Nope, there is one guy named Mumford but the other ones have different last names.

Husband: Liars. They aren’t even family.

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