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Scarf Swap

The really cool Jess at JustExpressive, hosts a scarf swap each year in honor of her birthday. I didn’t meet her until last year at the Blathering and then since she lives near-ish to my parents, we got together brunch around Thanksgiving, and ended up chatting for 4 hours. She’s pretty great!

The gist of the scarf swap is that you are assigned a swap partner, and you buy each other something you think the other person would like. My swap partner was Kristabella. I’ve never met her in real life, but we’ve gotten to know each other online over the past few years. If 2012 isn’t the year we meet up, I guess it’s not meant to be.

She and I discussed our scarf preferences and went our separate directions to buy. Here’s what I chose for her. Something she could wear in cold-ish winters, but also fashionably.

And a few days after I sent that scarf off to her, I found a package at my door. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be so crazy if we bought each other the same scarf!” Then I thought realistically, “Overstock.com has lots of scarves, so just because the package looks similar, doesn’t mean it’s the same.”

But y’all! Look what I got!


We picked the SAME SCARF! I got her the one that’s more purple, and she got me the one that’s more red! And we both love them!

I’m really excited about this because I really liked the scarf I picked for her, and strongly considered buying one for myself. Now I don’t have to!

How crazy is that!!!

(If you like the scarf enough to get one for yourself, it’s called the Cotton Bina Scarf in the Worldstock section of Overstock.com. Kristin and I even helped support education in Nepal with our scarf swap purchases.)


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My best friend gave me a really great gift for Christmas this year and I thought doing something similar would be a really nice and thoughtful gift.

She typed up her family’s secret spaghetti sauce recipe and included some of the ingredients in a box. We’ve known each other since our freshman year of college, and I am so honored that her family allowed her to share the recipe with me.


She also printed out some pictures from our Italy trip and put them in photo coasters and also threw in a colosseum ornament.

Since I have been lucky enough to go on several trips with friends and family, I am definitely going to keep this idea in my back pocket.

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