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My patio has a lot going on right now. My prayer plant that almost died is coming back, my aloe plant is perking back up, the Christmas cactus is doing well and my succulent (don’t know what kind it is) is showing new growth. The peace lily really doesn’t like the sunlight so much, so I might move it back inside or in a shadier part of the patio.


I’m also growing more basil than I know what to do with (pesto anyone!) This isn’t even all of it. I forgot a picture of the chives im also growing.


This little succulent almost didn’t make it thought the cold winter, but it’s putting on new growth which is a good sign.


And something I’ve never tried before, roma tomatoes! I’ve got 4 planted, so hopefully they do well. So far they aren’t dead from overfertilization, so that’s a good sign.


How about you? Growing anything good?


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Over the past few weekends I’ve been working on purging some of the belongings I’ve been moving around for years. You already know I’m so sentimental and that I’ve gotten rid of boat loads of t-shirts slowly but surely.

Fortunately, I’ve been doing a fair amount purging before this move, which made things about 867,945 pounds lighter and probably saved us an extra car trip or 3. (If you really care to check back on all my junk purging, read the “so sentimental” post and click through the links.)

Anyhow. I’m going even deeper into therapist levels of purging these days. Sadly I can’t say I have let go of  my middle school mix tapes yet (don’t have a tape player so I can listen then purge). But I have tossed an embarrassing stack of middle and high school notes.

Because I love you let’s check out a few gems from my purge pile.

If my memory serves me correctly Jonathan and I were “a couple” for about 3 days in 8th grade. I really liked him, but things just didn’t work out (another friend of ours called me, possibly on 3 way call, to let me know he wanted to “go with” someone else). This is also probably the most upfront with a guy I’ve ever been.


Most of the high school notes referenced boy troubles. This particular note was about a guy who like a friend. Somehow we developed a joke about him dancing in a leopard print speedo. And then that joke naturally transitioned into a joke about him dancing or popping out of a cake for my birthday.

I also got rid of an embarrassing amount of band paraphernalia. I graduated from high school more than 10 years ago, and still had notebooks from drum major try outs, marching sets, region band tryout music tapes, a clarinet lyre and flip book.

Because it helps me fret less about throwing out these items that were once significant to me, I took pictures of a lot of stuff. Including EVEN MORE t-shirts (I know you’re probably asking how is that even possible!) And because I love you I’ll be sharing some favorite finds and possibly even some embarrassing things with you.

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Full disclosure

So in contrast to the last photo of our tidy dining room and kitchen, I’ll share with you the spare bedroom, which currently houses the majority of our miscellaneous belongings. You can barely see the true level of messiness here but you get a general idea.


Much can be hidden in a spare bedroom closet.


I am going through every box as I unpack to weed out stuff we don’t need anymore. 

And amazingly, I found a gift card from one of our wedding showers…over a year and a half ago. It was tucked into the top of a box of Pyrex dishes that we didn’t open because we didn’t have room for them in our old place. I knew we lost the gift card all those months ago and finding it felt victorious. Until we spent it in less than 2.5 seconds on a new Brita water pitcher after work tonight.

We turned in our keys to the old place today. And after spending the past 3 nights here we are starting to feel settled. The drive to work this morning was at least 10 minutes quicker than our previous drive. And although we didn’t drive straight home tonight, we think our drive home will be about 20 minutes quicker.

Not too shabby.

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We moved this weekend. Here’s a picture of my favorite room at our new place. I’ll share more later.


I’m posting from my phone because we haven’t figured out the internet yet. Well actually we have but only have the netflix and xbox set up for internet.
We love our new place but of course are still settling in. Mom and dad came to help us and there is no way we could have done it without them. We started loading the truck around 8am and by 2pm we we’re mostly done.

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Packing and Moving Sucks

Oh, hi there. Wanna see what I’ve been up to?


I am nowhere near being finished yet either. 😦


I don’t know how I’m going to get everything done by Saturday morning when we pick up the moving truck.

Just a few of the things I’ve still go to do:

  • wash a couple loads of laundry before the people we’re selling the washer and dryer to come to pick them up
  • pack up towels
  • pack shoes and dresser clothes
  • pack up the pantry
  • pack up plates, cups, utensils etc.
  • finish gathering the essentials for our first night at the new apartment
  • shop for a couple things (water and snacks for our moving helpers)

I’m feeling very overwhelmed.

Taylor’s been helping but he’s just not a worrier like I am. And I’ve accepted the fact that he’ll be doing a lot of the heavy lifting, so I’m ok doing most of the packing (and worrying).

I also am feeling like some of the people on hoarders. I have some things that are relegated to a give away pile. They are perfectly good things (coffee cups, dish drainer, silver ware, vases, just to name a few) that we just don’t need anymore and haven’t used in a long time. But still, I feel attached to those things. Dumb right? I hate the idea of just giving them away, but I don’t have the time or space to sell them. And frankly, if I’m being honest with myself, these are probably things people would only pay a $1 or $2 MAX for at a garage sale so it’s not really worth my time even if I did have the space. So, I’ll gather everything up and bring it to Goodwill and I won’t even give it a second thought after I drop the stuff off. That’s how I know I don’t have a real hoarding problem.

Anyhow. I know it’ll all come together.

I just need to take a few deep breaths. And maybe some wine.

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I may or may not have minor tendencies toward hoarding collecting things. Most particularly, samples. Some of the samples I’ve amassed include shampoo and conditioner, body wash, deodorant, lotion, makeup and perfume. I have good intentions to use them when I travel but somehow forget to use them when I actually do travel. Or I don’t want to be stuck out of town and get a rash or have some kind of reaction to a new product.

In addition to not using samples, I love to use new stuff. So if I get a new shampoo, conditioner or body wash, I’ll open it up and start using it before I’ve used up the 1/4 full bottle already in the shower. And lets not talk about new mascara. Without getting up and physically counting, I’d guess I’ve got at least 7 mascaras open and currently being used in rotation. (Ok, because I love you and was curious, here is my collection.)

But this year, I’ve been challenging myself to use stuff up before I open a new bottle or buy something new. And now that we’ve decided to move to a new apartment, this challenge seems even more timely. So how have I been doing so far?

I have used:

  • 3 sample body washes
  • one sample shampoo and conditioner packet
  • the last of a body scrub that has been taking up space in the shower for almost a year
  • the last of a bottle of t-gel shampoo

I’m getting close to finishing:

  • two bottles of shampoo
  • a bottle of conditioner
  • a bottle of face scrub
  • a couple of perfume samples

I tossed:

  • a half bottle of mens body wash that Taylor hated to use

I intend to give away:

  • a bottle of body wash I got for free, but hate the way it smells
  • two unopened deodorants that I got on sale, also don’t like the way they smell

I’m not even making any progress/I still have a problem with the makeup.

  • I haven’t bought anything new in a couple of weeks, but it’ll take a long time for the stash to go down. I even have a few things that are new and unopened.
  • I have more than 5 mostly used powder compacts that I could toss, but probably have a couple of days of use in each of them.
  • I’m mostly ok with my makeup levels, because I know other people who have more (names will not be used here to protect the innocent)
  • It’s no secret to people who know me in real life that my lip product collection is very impressive and I can’t think of any way to reduce it (nor am I really interested in reducing it). Here is sample collected from a 1 minute sweep of my purse and apartment…

So yes, that is 20 items. And NO it doesn’t include at least 5 more unopened products and the 4 products that sit on my desk at work. I have a few next to my bed, a couple in my purse, some on the coffee table, a few more with my makeup stash, a few on my desk…there are plenty of places to keep my lip product inventory.

Want a recommendation on what to buy?

Ok, so where was I before I got distracted by the lip products.

Ah yes…

The challenge also applies to the kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer. So far we’re doing pretty respectably. We have bought a few things here and there, but they are things that get used up quickly (ground turkey, chicken). In the next few weeks, so we don’t have to move so much food, we’ll eat the most of the vegetables (large bag of broccoli, snap peas, zucchini, yellow squash) and meat (chicken, tilapia, trout, shrimp) and the other  miscellaneous items (black bean burgers, fruit, frozen lasagna, chili).

I’ve also tossed a few things from the pantry that were out of date by more than a year. Or two. Or (embarrassingly) three.

It does feel good to use what we’ve got, and definitely saves on the grocery bills.

Anyone out there have some of my same tendencies?? Have you embraced them (makeup! lip balm!) or tried to be more aware and use things up?

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So sentimental

Previously I’ve posted about my attempts at cleaning out the spare bedroom closet. I have gotten rid of approximately 2 feet of research articles, sorted through hundreds of old t-shirts, and discovered a gold mine of old mix tapes.

This afternoon, I’ve identified no less than 20 copies of thesis drafts and a multitude of materials from when I taught a few classes (mostly old tests & assignments) to get rid of.  I’ve even managed to toss some grad school class notes, and old college newspapers and alumni magazines. Admittedly, I still kept a few things. And I couldn’t bear to throw anything out of my 3, large memory boxes from high school and college (which still house some of those mix tapes and t-shirts.)

Here’s what it looked like for a few hours before I got everything sorted out, and back in its place.

I have grand plans to take pictures or scan pictures of some items I want to remember, but don’t necessarily need to keep. Unfortunately today, I only managed to photograph one gem, before feeling too overwhelmed at the idea of throwing stuff out. And I still kept the item after photographing it. Geez, I’m hopeless.

My “passport” from when I was in elementary school. As you can see it’s totally legit.  

Provides info about my appearance and marital status. This passport was from 1990. I was single, brown  hair and eyes, and about 4 foot 5 1/2 inches.

The photo, totally awesome too. Travel rules were way more lenient back then. My shirt has bears kissing and in love on it.

Also, as evidenced by the totally legit visa stamps, by the time I was 9 I had already traveled to France, Switzerland, Venezuela and Tonga. Don’t be jealous.

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