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So at this point it is safe to say the good stuff of the garden is done. The tomato plant is over all the heat, and the tomatoes that are actually growing are the tiniest things ever, and not even worth eating.


The basil plant is dead, as is the mint. The rosemary (in the background) is actually still trying.


Out of the 15+ onions I planted, only 2 produced the smallest red onions ever. I didn’t take pictures of anything else, but the succulents are still doing well, and the closet plant and the aloe vera just needed some water.

This was a pretty good year for the patio garden. Until next year.


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Tales of the floor bed

Alternate title: Tales of the floor bed and other first world problems.

We bought a new mattress about 2 months ago. It is a gloriously comfortable, Simmon’s BeautyRest. With special coils and memory foam.

And better than anything, it is not the cheap mattress, turned back breaker, I bought when I first moved into an apartment by myself more than 6 years ago. (You served your time well cheap mattress.)

We haven’t slept on our new mattress in over 2 weeks.

It’s been hitting 82 degrees most evenings in our apartment since the heat of the summer really set in. We got a little respite from the heat when it rained for a whole week solid. But still, the master bedroom is the farthest away from the air conditioning unit, making it the hottest room in the house.

Luckily, we hadn’t gotten rid of our old mattress yet, so when we figured out the spare bedroom is the coldest room, we decided to pull down the old mattress and make a floor bed.


You see that futon up there. We slept on it a couple nights before we made up the floor bed. It’s actually got some kind of real mattress on it but it’s size makes it either a one night or a one person option.

The apartment management said there isn’t anything they can do even after checking it at least 3 times and recommended we just set our thermostat at 74 to try to maintain some kind of coolness (HAH!) So the air runs all.day.long. and finally shuts off between midnight and 3am. It also doesn’t matter if we do or don’t cook. Or if we do or don’t run the washer and dryer.

And in the mean time, the heat and the Olympics are making us lazier than normal, so all our clean clothes are making good use of the new mattress as a makeshift closet.


Seriously, so ready for the heat to let up.

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