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For the past few years, when the weather gets warm, I try to plant a few edible things on the patio. This year I found a cool planter that has a raised bottom with a water reservoir. It’s on rolling wheels too so it is easy to move around. Here’s what it looks like. (This is the one I bought.)


I attempted red onions, a couple tomato plants, some snap peas and some green beans. Here’s how things looked on April 11th.


On the far left you can barely see the onion greens growing. The tomatoes were doing pretty well (they were already several inches tall when I planted) and then beans I attempted to put in the planter did not do well. (On the top you’ll see my Christmas cactus and prayer plant.)

Now, just over two weeks later, the onions have taken off, as have the tomato plants. I’m having some trouble with the flowers just snapping off one plant (I’ve looked for a worm, but haven’t found one, and even dusted with Sevin dust.)


Here’s a blurry shot of the tomatoes starting to grow. One plant is cherry tomatoes and the other is 2 inch tomatoes.


I also figured out that putting the beans in a different container would be best, and they are doing really well. There are already green beans growing!


The snap peas are a little behind because I had to start over with them about two weeks after the green beans. Hopefully they’ll take off soon. (Check out the mini rosebush and succulents in the background.)


I’ve also got some chives have have been doing well for almost a year.


And here’s just another small sampling of my succulents. I’ve got too many offspring plants and I really need to stop letting them grow. Or maybe I should start giving them as gifts.


I hope you liked seeing what’s growing in my patio “garden”. I’ve also got rosemary, basil, a peace lily, and a couple other random things out there too, but mostly, in the summer I like trying to grow stuff I can eat. I’ll let you know how things turn out when they are ready to eat.


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