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The birthday month

I turned 30 a few days ago. Thursday, April 7th to be exact.

Normally my birthday passes pretty quickly. Calls and texts from family and friends. Some kind of get together with my parents and siblings. Something with the husband and his family.

Sometimes, I buy myself something cool.

This year it was a new bag from the Coach outlet.

But this year has also already been a little different.

A trip to New Orleans at the end of March kind of kicked things off. Although, admittedly it wasn’t even in April. I have pictures, but still need to take a few minutes to organize them for you.

Then, last weekend, I had a visit from my sister and my best friend. It was a whirlwind trip (less than 24 hours) that included cooking our own PF Chang’s Spicy chicken at home, gelato and a fabulous Sunday brunch complete with bottomless mimosas. It made me so happy they were able to come over.

Tuesday, I had lunch with a work friend, and afterward we got our passport photos taken while we’re out, since we’re going to Italy together this summer. (She’s renewing. I’m finally getting my name changed.)

Then Wednesday night, Taylor and I are met up for dinner with friends who are visiting from Italy. (Yep, the ones I’m visiting this summer.)

Thursday my staff took me out to lunch at my favorite lunch spot, Katharine & Company. And Thursday night, Taylor and I went out to Saltgrass for steak. Afterward we met up with our Italian friends for a post dinner margarita.

Tonight, we met up with Taylor’s parents for dinner at Carrabba’s.

It really was a great birthday week.

But I feel like I’m done eating for a while, so when I go to the store tomorrow I’ll probably be getting a lot of vegetables and salad stuff.

And I’ve still got to celebrate with my parents, in a couple weeks since they were out of town this weekend.

But really, I’m so lucky to have great friends and wonderful family to celebrate this milestone with. And to celebrate future milestones with.

Me at work on the last day of my 20s.


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