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When Cherrye asked me to host her as a guest poster again, we both immediately knew what the topic should be.

Only 4.5 (not so) short years ago, me and another mutual friend helped Cherrye move to her home away from home. We were very lucky to turn the moving adventure into a really fun girlfriend getaway. See, here we were at the Vatican.

But this post isn’t about that trip…next year, I’ll be traveling back to Italy with some friends!!! 

How appropriate that Cherrye’s guest post today is about planning an international girlfriend get away. Benvenuta Cherrye!


Five Steps to Planning an International Girlfriend Getaway

Oh yes, candlelit dinners for two and leisurely strolls along a moonlit beach are the cornerstones of a romantic vacation and many young women dream of taking an international trip like this with their heart’s true love. However, sometimes girls just want to kick off their high heels and hang out in a foreign land with their girlfriends. Sorry boys, there is a time and place for romantic getaways, but sometimes girls just wanna have fun, and you know what means …

No Boys Allowed!

Taking an international chick trip with your girlfriends can be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. Sure, it is harder to plan than a weekend trip to Vegas, but it is worth it. Here are five steps to planning an international vacation with your girlfriends.

1. Have an Outline

If you are considering taking an international vacation with your girlfriends, then you already have at least a rough idea of where you’d like to go. Narrow down your destinations list, even if it is general like “Italy,” “France,” or “a Mediterranean cruise,” before you involve your girlfriends. Chances are you’ll be able to sell them on your ideal trip and you won’t run the risk of being bogged down by too many broad suggestions.

2. Choose Wisely

Speaking of talking to your girlfriends … it is common for people to get excited about an upcoming trip and their instinct is to share the good news with everyone they know. However, resist the urge to add “you can come, too, if you want,” to the end of each discussion. Traveling overseas with someone typically involves a several hour flight, multiple layovers and hours and hours and hours of together-time. Be sure you choose your travel partners wisely. International trips are expensive-you don’t want to ruin yours by bringing along the wrong gal pal.

3. Money Talks

It is important for you and your girlfriends to be on the same page in regards to money and spending. If you are a budget travel and are planning to stay in hostels with shared bathrooms, self-cater your meals and avoid costly destinations, then your friends need to know that. It won’t be fun for you to try to keep up with your girlfriends’ spending and it could lead to resentment and frustration during your trip. Likewise, if you are planning a no-expense-spared trip, they need to know that, as well. Imagine your disappointment at being right around the corner and not being able to eat at the highest rated restaurant on the Amalfi Coast, because your friends can’t afford it.

4. Style Matters

Since you’ve already settled on a destination and have carefully chosen travel companions with similar budgets, now is the time to start talking specifics.  Before you make any major commitments, discuss the type of vacation you want and any must-see or must-do things on your lists. Do you want to change hotels every couple of days and move around the country often or would you prefer to settle on one or two hotel locations and spend more time in each area. Have you always wanted to take a wine tour in Chianti, a cooking class in Calabria, maybe a day-long yacht excursion along the Tyrrhenian Sea? Discuss your must-dos and see what you can do to make sure everyone is in agreement.

5. Have a Leader

Sure it sounds like Kindergarten all over again, but if you are planning a chick trip with more than three or four friends, someone needs to step up and be the leader. This person should be the one to contact hotels or consultants and ensure everyone stays on the same page. This doesn’t mean she should make unilateral decisions-everyone should still have a say in destinations, hotels and activities-rather she will be the one who keeps things organized and ensures there are no last-minute mistakes or travel mishaps.

Have you ever been on an international girlfriend getaway? What other tips would you add to the list?

Cherrye Moore is a Calabria travel consultant and writer living in southern Italy.  She writes about expat life for AffordableCallingCards.net, a site that sells, among other things, affordable calling cards to Italy. You can read about expat life on their site or ask about planning your own girlfriend getaway to Calabria from her site, My Bella Vita.


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