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awkward conversations

So last night, I went to an event where I met some new people. About half the group was older, more established (read: retired) ladies. It wasn’t all bad, and I had a very nice time. There were the usual get to know you questions, but a couple times the conversation got really awkward.

Question 1
Her: So, what do you and your husband like to do.
Me: Ummmmm, well, we like to watch movies and go on drives.

How else are you supposed to say, “We don’t really do too much. We watch lots of Netflix and eat out too much. He likes to play Xbox Live and I like to read blogs of people I “mostly” don’t know.”

Question 2
Her: Oh, so you live off such-and-such street. What neighborhood is that in?
Me: It’s uh, not in a neighborhood, we live in an apartment.

Then insert brief rambling about just getting married last year and saving up for a house.

Question 3
Her: So where do you go to church?
Me: Oh, uh, we aren’t attending a church right now,  haven’t found the right one.

She invited me her church, which is nice.

At least she didn’t ask about kids!


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