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Worth a visit

Since this past weekend was a 3-day weekend for me, I visited my parents, sans husband. He stayed home to visit his parents, and to watch a very important football game. Unfortunately his team lost.

Saturday afternoon I went shopping with my sister, Jacque to spend some gift cards I had. We spent so much time laughing and even developed the concept for a workout video based on rolling up and down a manual window. The concept was conceived when Jacque was lamenting about her manual windows. In one move, you sit on the console (or the area between the seats) and grab one handle in each hand. Then you roll the windows up or down using a rowing motion. Works the back and shoulders. 🙂 I know, we’re dorks. That evening, we went to a Houston Aeros Hockey game with my parents. Jacque did my make up in the car on the way to dinner. Luckily it didn’t turn out bad, because at that point I didn’t have many options.

My lovely sister ran in the Aramco Houston Half Marathon on Sunday, so a large portion of my visit was dedicated to cheering her on. She finished in the middle of the pack, and pretty much kicked ass for someone who has never run that far. Since the parents and I were up at 5am to bring Jacque to the race, then spent the morning waiting trying to get out of town, so we could find the spot to cheer her on.  After the race was over, we all went back home and took a nap. We stayed in the rest of the night, played Mario Bros. on Wii and caught up on my parent’s DVR’d shows.

Monday, after a delicious breakfast with Jacque at Panera Bread and packing up my stuff, I went to lunch with my best friend/roommate/sorority sister from college. We finally exchanged Christmas presents, and I finally gave her her birthday present…her birthday was in October! After lunch we went shopping at our favorite place, Sephora.

Despite all the fun I had, there was one thing that almost topped the whole visit. A house two streets over looks like it could be on the show Hoarders.  (If you haven’t seen the show, and you don’t get grossed out too easily, you should check it out.) We had to drive by twice to get the full scope of it all. There was more stuff on each side of the house, and in the bushes on the front.


I realize that compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder, but it is very unbelievable, and many times saddening to watch. I hope the show might help bring the issue to light, and help other hoarders want to get help.


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