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NYC NYE Part 3

If you’re just joining the party, you can find Part 1 of the New York City New Year’s Eve story here and Part 2 here.

New Year’s Day, there weren’t too many signs of New Year’s Eve festivities in the streets the next morning, but we did spy a little bit of leftover confetti.

We went to the Brooklyn Bridge,

saw the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park,

 took pictures by a fake Statue of Liberty,

laughed at people standing in a line at Abercrombie that wrapped around the building,

saw the Love sculpture on 6th Avenue,

attempted to go to the Empire State Building,

and went to Macy’s.

At Macy’s we decided that we didn’t think we’d be able to entertain ourselves much longer. We were exhausted and dragging, and our Vamoose reservation wasn’t until 7:00PM. So we switched our tickets to 5:30PM, went and picked up our stuff from the hotel, and lined up for the bus ride home. I fell in and out of sleep, as well as one can on a charter bus, and before I knew it we were back in Virginia.

We crashed pretty soon after getting back to Linsi’s.

The next morning, before I left to come back to Texas, we ate brunch at Whitlow’s on Wilson. It’s a really neat place, and apparently is a brunch place/restaurant by day, a bar by night, 

I was sad to have to leave, knowing I’d be returning to work so soon. But the trip was everything I imagined, and more. I had so much fun, saw so much and laughed a lot. I’d highly recommend New York in the winter if you have the chance.


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