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So Happy

I didn’t have a post planned, but just felt the urge to write. Right now, I’m just so happy. Life really is great. 

Looking back, my pre-Christmas breakdown wasn’t as big of a deal as it seemed. (no need to really explain, but it includes last-minute changing of plans and my serious aggravation at others.)

I got to spend Christmas day with my new husband and each of our families. We all had lots of laughs, plenty of thoughtful gifts and fun times.

After Christmas, I got to go to Arlington, Virginia and New York City with a familiar friend and made a new friend in the process. New Year’s Eve in New York City was everything I hoped and I’ll have the memories and photos forever! I’m also very lucky to have a husband who understands my desires to travel and let’s me do my own thing periodically.

Don’t worry, I’ll post more about my NYC New Year’s Eve later.

A few things I hope to do this year include:

  • Reading more
  • Cooking at least one new recipe a week
  • Taking more and better quality pictures
  • Writing in my travel journal when I go somewhere

And of course, posting on my blog (I know this is obvious!)

Thanks to those of you who do follow me, and to those of you who randomly find me.

This year is going to be great!


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