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Step Into Christmas

It’s hot as a cool summer’s evening outside and I’m finally getting into the Christmas spirit on this Christmas eve, eve. Finished most of the shopping earlier in the week and wrapped up just a few last-minute things today. Luckily, I left the tree decorated from last year, so it was easy to put up.

I’m sitting down to a glass of wine,  a Christmas music playlist on my iTunes, and now it’s time to wrap the last few presents.

The Christmas visit arrangements aren’t too difficult for us now that we are married. We used to spend Christmas separate for the first few years we were dating, then he’d come over to my parent’s for a few days after Christmas. Then we decided to visit both sets of parents last year after we got engaged (alternating whose house we are at on Christmas eve and Christmas day). So tomorrow night we’ll go to Taylor’s parent’s house. Then on Christmas morning, we’ll go to my parent’s house. We’ll still have a little bit of “just our new little family” time Christmas eve night and Christmas morning.

A few days after Christmas I’m going to Arlington, Virginia/Washington, D.C. to visit a friend, then we are going to New York City for New Year’s Eve. I am so excited!  I’ve wanted to go for a long time, and now I’m getting to do it. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. (And the rest of the stuff I’ve been up to these past few months!)

Life is so good.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


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I wish I could write as if I had never disappeared since before the beginning of October. But alas, I did…with the exception of Blog Share 2. Since early October when I last posted about before I got married, so much has happened.

My job is dependent upon grant funding, so in late October I got word that they were finally opening up the competition. I’ve been waiting for over a year, secretly hoping they would keep putting it off. But that secret wish was not to be. For 6 weeks, my entire focus was the application. The night after it was finally submitted, I tossed and turned. I had bad dreams about forgotten or poorly written sections, but in the end, what is done is done. I have faith in my work and the work of those on the committee, but also have to be at least mildly realistic about the possibility of not receiving funding.

But enough about that.

I am excited to share the rest of the wedding weekend, our honeymoon, and what we’ve been up lately. I know it’ll come slowly (it is the Christmas break coming up soon) but I do promise to get back to a semi-regular posting schedule.

I’d hate for y’all to be embarrassed to follow a blogger who doesn’t blog (you know who you are).   🙂

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