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After working on the flowers, we realized it was time to decide where we wanted to go for girls night. I didn’t really have a traditional bachelorette party, and my girls don’t live in the same town, so we thought it would be fun to spend Friday night out on the town.

I called Bess Bistro (it’s owned by Sandra Bullock) and made a reservation. We didn’t have a lot of time so we hurried up and got pretty, then headed out.

andrea bess bistro june 2009 (Custom)

The place was really fun and the atmosphere was cool-the place was in the basement of a historical building. There was a DJ playing music.

andrea and girls at bess bistro june 2009 (Custom)

We shared appetizers of fried artichokes, had delicious wine,

andrea bess wine june 2009 (Custom)

yummy comfort food (macaroni and cheese, croque monsieur, pot pies, garlic shrimp, fish and chips)

andrea bess mac and cheese june 2009 (Custom)

andrea bess croque monsieur june 2009 (Custom)

andrea bess pot pie june 2009 (Custom)

andrea bess garlic shrimp june 2009 (Custom)

andrea bess fish and chips june 2009 (Custom)

and dessert that was just to die for (fruit and chocolate fondue and profiteroles).

andrea bess dessert june 2009 (Custom)

Once we were stuffed, we headed out to 6th street for a little more fun.  The first club we went into was empty, we were literally the only people in there besides the bartender and the DJ. They wouldn’t even play the songs we wanted to hear so we left.

The next place we went ended up being where we stayed the rest of the night – Pete’s Piano bar.

andrea and girls at pete's piano bar june 2009 (Custom)

We had a couple drinks, and were lucky enough to snag a table, so we spent the rest of the night singing and dancing along to the dueling pianos, people watching and taking pictures. Not long after I danced on the stage (with other people, and only very briefly, not even worth the photographic evidence) we decided to call it a night. We headed back to the hotel and crashed.

The night was really even better than I could have ever hoped for…it was so much fun! And I’m so lucky to have such great friends.

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Simply Perfect – Friday in Austin


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On Friday of the wedding weekend, we woke up pretty early because we planned to leave around 8AM to meet my parents in Houston. We loaded all our luggage and any decorations in both mine and Taylor’s cars.  Linsi and Cherrye got here, and after stopping for breakfast at McDonald’s and to fill up, we hit the road. 

The trip to Mom & Dad’s was easy and we got there by 10AM, which left us a little time to say hi to the grandparents who had arrived the previous couple of days.  We quickly packed the rest of our stuff in my parents’ vehicle, argued about who would sit where and if there would be enough room for everyone and hit the road before my 11AM estimated time of departure. 

Once in Austin, we ate a quick lunch while waiting on everyone else to get to the hotel. After quickly moving in to the hotel, Taylor and I rushed off for a 3PM meeting with our wedding minister, which went smoothly and we were back at the hotel in no time.

Back at the hotel, it was time to start assembling flower arrangements for the restaurant (the fake flowers). The girls painstakingly arranged the flowers in the vases and the guys helped out by watching Cash Cab and breaking the stems to the length we needed. 

Here you can see the painstaking work Jane, Cherrye, and Linsi were doing.  The guys, Nathan (Jane’s Husband) and Taylor were also working hard doing something. 🙂

andrea friday putting arrangements together june 2009

Up next, Girls Night Out!!!

You haven’t missed too much yet. Catch up on the rest of the wedding weekend here.
Simply Perfect – Pre-Wedding Weekend

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