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Of course I have time to blog

Even though I should be finishing up some homework for my class in just over 2 hours.  I’ve got one assignment completed, and just need to finish one more, a short journal entry.  My professor knows I’m a slacker, but am not the most slackery in the class. 

The past two weeks have been brutal.  I’ve worked through lunch nearly every day, had days booked solid with interviews for our program. Thankfully I’m not having to interview for staff positions. I also had my performance evaluation which turned out better than I expected, not that I thought it was bad, but the ultimate score was more than 20 points higher than last year, and I got several 5s which are the top rating. Some of the stressors of the past year actually helped me get such good ratings (think trouble maker, unsubstantiated complaints, countless meetings with the boss, 2 hour meeting with HR…thank heavens for my novels of documentation!)

Things look like they might calm down by the end of the semester, right after I have to submit a grant proposal and annual report to the government.


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