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I know you’ve been saying “come on Andrea, start recapping the wedding already!”  Your patience has paid off….so sit back and enjoy, while I share the story of our wedding weekend.  

Thursday, June 18th.  I took the day off so I could get a few things done since we were leaving the next day for Austin. I really wish I could have taken off earlier, but my administrative assistant had just returned from maternity leave, so I needed to be in the office on her first day back.   On Thursday, I had a last minute facial.  Facials are always great and super relaxing.  Any of you in the Beaumont, Texas area should check out the Skin Salon & Day Spa in Nederland, Texas.  My esthetician Ashley did a great job whipping my skin into shape during the months leading up to the wedding. 

After my facial, I ate lunch with a friend at my favorite little lunch place in town, Katharine & Company.  Then after pondering giving myself a manicure and pedicure, I opted to swing by a local nail place and have my nails done. 

I think honestly through the whole process, I was the calmest bride-to-be.  There were some things I just wasn’t stressed about.  I didn’t HAVE to have my nails done (thus the last minute pro-mani & pedi).  However, I will admit I did have a mini breakdown on Thursday night.  I was sobbing in Taylor’s arms because the cute birdcage veil I’d so carefully chosen hadn’t arrived, even though I had checked on it several times in the weeks prior and the Etsy vendor promised it would be here in time (despite her shipping it late).  Ultimately, the veil wasn’t THAT big of a deal, but I was disappointed I hadn’t received it (and was kind of mad at the vendor) and that somehow snowballed into a sobbing session. After a few minutes, I was done, and ready to get on with the weekend.  Luckily, I had my tiny breakdown before the weekend kicked off, and everything else was smooth sailing. 

Here’s my veil.  I haven’t quite decided what to do with it yet, since I didn’t get to wear it.  I’m willing to sell it if anyone is interested. 



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