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And this weekend was a good one.  Saturday was spent finishing up some homework for a class I am taking.  Since it was Taylor’s birthday we made breakfast in the morning and just hung out until my class started at 1:00PM. 
Class was good.  I consider myself an above-average public speaker, but was nervous to get up in front of the class and share part of my developmental story.  I think part of the nervousness was that I can’t share much, because people I know are in the class and some of my development comes from experiencing particular negative situations in my career.  And those people I know, know some of the people involved.  I have been considering sharing parts of my story with you here on the blog.  Thankfully, a friend is teaching the class and he understands (since he’s part of the story!)

After class we went to Taylor’s parent’s house and had pizza and cake (funfetti with strawberry icing…Taylor’s favorite) and watched the Dallas Cowboys.  We laughed so much…oddly one of the topics was our brother-in-law’s underwear!

Today, we did our usual breakfast out, and went on a drive up to the hill country to one of the ugliest lakes I’ve ever seen.  I felt sad for the employees who were working there, because the place really was ugly.  I can’t imagine why people would camp there. 

We went to the grocery store to pick up a few items for some new recipes I decided to try.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.  On the way home, we heard a loud noise while going through the intersection near our apartment.  Of course, when we got home we heard a loud hissing in one of the tires.  After we put away the groceries, we changed the flat tire to the spare, and looked up tire places.  How is it that tire places don’t open until 8:00AM? 

Anyhow, I’m sitting here, sifting through pictures for my next few blog posts, drinking a delicious glass of Tapena Tempranillo wine and waiting for dinner to finish in the oven. 

It has been a good day.


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Recently I’ve decided to take another class, and tonight I’m working on my first assignment.  It’s my developmental story starting from my 1st year of college.  I’m excited about doing it, but needed a few minutes break, so I thought I’d resurrect an old feature.  Today’s procrastination edition includes my top five random thoughts! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

1.  Tomorrow is Taylor’s birthday.  I think I’m more excited than he is. 

2.  I have signed up for the Houston Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday, October 3rd.  I am really looking forward to walking in the 5K event. 

3.  I sent some letters off to friends today.  I absolutely love getting real mail in the box, so I try to share that with my friends when I have a little extra time.

4.  Just over 2 months since the wedding, I’ve got all but 2 of the mandatory wedding thank you notes out (and we just got those gifts in the past two weeks).  I have a few more that are on my list, that I just haven’t quite found the right words to say. 

5.  I’m missing several people this week.  Friends who no longer live close.  Family I can’t see on a regular basis.  But I do know missing them usually makes the times when I do see them even better.

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1. Taylor and I sold one of our cars about 3 weeks ago, so we’ve been carpooling even more than usual.  It hasn’t been a problem at all so far since neither of us have needed to go in completely opposite directions at the same time yet.  We’re trying to keep this up for a few more months so we can save up a little extra money.  I’d like to say we’ll be frugal minded, and buy a used car we can pay cash or have a very small note on, but I don’t know that will actually happen.  We’ll see though.

2. I was in a funk today after work.  I’ve voluntarily switched offices with one of my employees (actually it was my idea) in an attempt to help things around the office.  This means I’ve downsized considerably.  I think it is a good idea, but I will need some time to adjust.  My new office is in a tiny cubicle space where we had to lift my office chair over the desk to fit it in. The chair also bumps into the filing cabinet when I turn it around. It’s also in the copy machine and fridge area, which makes it somewhat high traffic. Then, one of the IT help desk guys told me the wrong thing, so my network connection didn’t work half the afternoon.  Good thing I didn’t end up doing the move before this afternoon’s webinar or I would have been screwed.  Funny, the employees were worried about me not having a big enough or private enough office space since I am the boss.  Hopefully tomorrow I get a little more settled. 

3. Married life is good.  Actually, today is our 2 month anniversary.  It seems like its sort of the same old stuff.  After TWO WHOLE MONTHS, we still laugh a lot, crack jokes together, love hugging and holding hands, and can’t believe how good we’ve got it.  We’ve even had a few good news things come our way.  And for those who know us, we ‘re no strangers to the tough things, which I think is one of the things that makes our relationship work so well.  We’ve battled hurricanes, surgeries, death, illness, and who knows what else.  Fortunately, we’ve weathered these things together, and know that we can make it as long as we are standing by each others side.  I know I can’t wait for what the future holds.

Have a great weekend y’all!  Sleep in, get up early, do what ever makes you happy!!!

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Random Photo of the Day

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted a random photo. Today you are in for a treat.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get a pic of the guy with the Milwaukee Brewers logo shaved (nair-ed?)  into his chest hair or the guy with the handlebar moustache that stuck out at least 9 inches on both sides.  Both these men atthe Astros game a few weekends ago would have been excellent random photos.  But alas, today I bring you…a photo I’ll call, “The Movers”.  

guys standing up in back of truck 8.19.09 

It may be  hard to see, as this image was captured on my cell phone camera. But there are two guys, STANDING UP in the back of a trailer, HOLDING ON to someone’s furniture.  I say those friends deserve a nice cold one (or twelve)  for braving the ride on the FREEWAY.  Lucky for them there was bumper to bumper traffic. 

Linsi, apparently these guys have more commitment to their task than Jeff the driver…maybe you could have hired them?

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Really, I’m not sure I’m fit to call myself a blogger.  I have these posts about my wedding ready, and just because I didn’t originally type them in here, and have cut and pasted the text, the font size just isn’t right.  I know it’s a stupid thing to worry about, but I want it to be right.  You’d think somewhere there’d be a font style and size button, but there’s really not.  And aside from retyping the text into the little new post box, I’ll continue trying different things for a while, until hopefully I figure it out.  Or else I’ll retype it.  Please bear with me in the meantime.

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