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I already told you about my first bridal shower, and then my sister sent out this lovely invitation for my second shower.  (all photos by me unless otherwise noted.)

andrea shower invitation may 2009

It was a lot less “shower” and a lot more “going out to lunch with some cool gals”.  It was hosted by my sister and my “other mom”. 
andrea bridal shower may 2009

They decorated a party room at Pappasito’s in black and ivory (my wedding colors!!)  I’m lucky my sister works there.
andrea bridal shower table may 2009 002

We had tons of delicious fajitas, chips, queso (my favorite!) and of course a Mexican food shindig wouldn’t be complete without margaritas.  Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the food, but I promise we were all stuffed at the end!  I got a few presents, had a little cake and got to visit with several of the most fabulous ladies I know.  (Also, took a long nap as soon as I got back home!!)

andrea group bridal shower may 2009 029


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Bees & Basil

For the most part I enjoy the apartment I’ve been living in for 3 years.  And now, MY apartment is OUR apartment.  The setup is great for now, even though we don’t have room for every.single.thing we own (we still haven’t turned in a work order for the spare bedroom closet shelves to be fixed).  

I’ve always enjoyed growing my plants on the patio (my version of nesting without kids or pets) and after the basil I was growing died during our honeymoon, I planted more.  I can’t wait till it’s big enough to eat on some caprese pizza!!!  Or maybe even make into pesto.

bees & basil 002 (Custom) (2)

But if you’ll notice, on the pictures of the basil, there are some little sawdust shavings.  That’s from these crazy carpenter bees boring holes into the wood on my patio.  I’m sure it’s not the recommended plan of action, but we’ve sprayed bug spray up in their holes to try to keep them from coming back, and then today we also put some expanding foam sealant in there. 

bees & basil 001 (Custom)

Hopefully the bees will stay away from now on.

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I was fortunate enough to have two showers thrown for me before our wedding. The first on April 26th was organized by my mother-in-law.  I designed the invitations, which we sent mostly to Taylor’s family and our friends from the area. 

Andrea Bridal Shower April 26, 2009 002 (Custom)

The cake matched the invitation I made!  Here’s a closer peek…
andrea bridal shower cake april 26, 2009

Of course my mom, sister and all but one member of the bridal posse were there (it’s kind of hard to make it to a Sunday bridal shower when you’re in Italy!), decorating, running around putting ice in cups, restocking food, chatting with guests, you name it, they did it.   My sister was even on pimple watch…yep, pre-party touch up! 
andrea jacque pimple watch bridal shower april 26 2009

Here’s the hardworking team: my mother-in-law, my sister, me, mom, and my best friend from college.  
Andrea hostesses Bridal Shower April 26, 2009 004 (Custom) 

I opened presents, and my best friend from college was lucky enough to write down the gifts.  She returned the favor from when I did the same for her at her wedding shower, baby shower and baby’s 1st birthday.  She says she owed me.  🙂  You can see her smiling from the left when I tried on my new onion cutting goggles!
Andrea Bridal Shower onion goggles April 26, 2009 032 (Custom)

Taylor was even there, helping put gifts aside after I opened them, and helping out wherever we needed.  Everyone had a good time and it was really awesome to see how much people love us.   

Up next, the not-exactly-a-shower, shower!

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The Plan to Recap

We’ve almost been married a month.  We’re still getting gifts (Score!) and still trying to find places to put said gifts.  In fact, the crappily installed closet-maid shelf/hanging rack collapsed after adding one pillow sham last night.  (Even I know you’ve got to attach those kind of things into a stud if there is any hope for them to stay up.) 

I can’t belive it’s been almost a whole month.  I’ve outlined plenty of posts to share with you about my bridal showers, the wedding weekend, and eventually our honeymoon.  Hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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I got hitched!

Yep.  I’m (we’re) married now and recently returned from the honeymoon.    I have so much to blog about I don’t even know where to start.  With a final wedding guest count of 28, we’ve already got more than 200 wedding photos (that’s not everyone’s).  And we actually got our marriage license in the mail when we got home. 

The photographer’s preview slideshow makes me even more anxious to see what’s to come.  (Check out the slide show HERE.) 

Once I get things a little more organized (around the apartment, and my thoughts) I’ll be sharing everything with you.

I will say, I had such a great time. My best friends (bridal posse) were there along side me and helped so much along the way!  The weekend was fantastic and I can wait to share with you!

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