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Get Moving

This weekend we’re trying to get Taylor moved over.  Currently he is out fishing and I am here cleaning.  He has not packed anything, but fortunately, we are not combining two houses into one.  His stuff is mostly clothes, shoes, and weapons.  (ha!) 

I’m doing my best to purge as much as I can part with to make room for the stuff he is bringing and to finally get all the wedding presents out of their boxes and into a place around the house.  I spent about 20 minutes trying to find a different place for the microwave so I could open up counter space for the blender and some storage canisters.  In the end, it’s in the same place it has been for the 3 years I’ve lived here.  🙂

Anywho, a couple random photos of my “progress”.

Exhibit 1: A box/gathering place for wedding decorations.
getting organized 001 (Custom)

Exhibit 2: Piles important things I need to find a home for or take care of.   
getting organized 002 (Custom)

Starting clockwise in the left hand bottom corner: camera cords, bed bath and beyond gift cards, a note card box that I used as a coaster for my coffee this morning, thank you notes I need to resend, thank you notes i need to write, stamps, coupons for a friend, pictures for family members, scrap book paper, (now moving to the right) my netflix movies, a lottery ticket winner for $5, a drink mix sample, food & family magazine, life insurance quotes, address book.  And you see that bag in the bottom right corner…FILLED TO THE BRIM with stuff I’m getting rid of.  

So even though it looks like a big mess, I really am getting somewhere.  It’s early in the day still so I’m bound to be successful! 

Hope your weekend is wonder and productive!


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