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Step 1.  Take the day off work.  Play hooky if desired.

Step 2.  Arm yourself with massive (pre-wedding/honeymoon/other) to-do list and credit card. (Note: You can feel much more accomplished if many of the items are online purchases!)

Step 3.  Make appropriate online orders, send emails, do research, etc. 

Step 4.  Leave the house to run a few errands.  Shower not necessary.  Brushing teeth is.  Sunglasses make a great headband in a pinch.

So….following my own steps, what did I accomplish today?

1.  Purchase tickets to Aquarium and Alcatraz for the honeymoon.
2. Email potential hair stylists.
3. Research rental cars for honeymoon.
4.  Go to the bank to deposit a check.  Forget PIN #.  Drive to another bank to make deposit. Luckily remember PIN. 
5. Go to jewelry store to find out if they would be able to attach a broach to my veil.  They said yes. 
6. Order makeup sealant to try out so wedding day make up doesn’t run or smear. 
7. Order the last of the bridal party gifts. 
8.  Almost order wedding flowers.  (got scared because I couldn’t find a place to enter the deliver by date… I certainly don’t want those delivered this week.)
9.  Mail something for my dear, sweet fiance’.
10.  Email with mom and members of bridal party. 

And the day’s not even quite over. 

See, you too can get lots accomplished, if you follow my simple plan.  The key is…TAKE A DAY OFF!


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