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One month

Well, it’s hard to believe we’re only one month away.  There are so many little things still on the list and every day it seems like there is something else I remember to do.  I’ll admit, it’s been a tad difficult because during all the planning to get married, on occasion, the “little things” have gotten in the way, causing me to think about the wedding more than the marriage.  Even though I know in the end, the socks Taylor and his groomsmen wear won’t be an issue, I still feel the need to confirm (and reconfirm) that he knows he needs to make sure they all have appropriate socks.   (nevermind the fact that he still does not have a suit to wear yet.)

But despite my attention to ALL THE DETAILS…. I can honestly say we’re both really looking forward to the marriage.  To being partners and friends for life.  To building our home and our little family together.  And to enjoying each others company. 

Only 31 more days until we’re married. 

MARRIED!  Husband & Wife!

It almost doesn’t seem real.


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