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Step 1.  Take the day off work.  Play hooky if desired.

Step 2.  Arm yourself with massive (pre-wedding/honeymoon/other) to-do list and credit card. (Note: You can feel much more accomplished if many of the items are online purchases!)

Step 3.  Make appropriate online orders, send emails, do research, etc. 

Step 4.  Leave the house to run a few errands.  Shower not necessary.  Brushing teeth is.  Sunglasses make a great headband in a pinch.

So….following my own steps, what did I accomplish today?

1.  Purchase tickets to Aquarium and Alcatraz for the honeymoon.
2. Email potential hair stylists.
3. Research rental cars for honeymoon.
4.  Go to the bank to deposit a check.  Forget PIN #.  Drive to another bank to make deposit. Luckily remember PIN. 
5. Go to jewelry store to find out if they would be able to attach a broach to my veil.  They said yes. 
6. Order makeup sealant to try out so wedding day make up doesn’t run or smear. 
7. Order the last of the bridal party gifts. 
8.  Almost order wedding flowers.  (got scared because I couldn’t find a place to enter the deliver by date… I certainly don’t want those delivered this week.)
9.  Mail something for my dear, sweet fiance’.
10.  Email with mom and members of bridal party. 

And the day’s not even quite over. 

See, you too can get lots accomplished, if you follow my simple plan.  The key is…TAKE A DAY OFF!


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Taylor’s laughing at me because I’m sitting in here laughing out loud.  I’m goofy I know. 

I saw an article featured on Yahoo about a wolf t-shirt suddenly becoming an internet hit.  So of course I had to see what it was all about.  And let me tell y’all, this ranks right up there with the time I found someone selling an air guitar on Ebay!

Here’s the article about the shirt featuring 3 wolves howling at the moon but the funniest part was reading the reviews of the actual wolf t-shirt.  Tons of people are buying the shirt, just so they can comment! 

I just love that kind of humor. 

You can also check out similarly hilarous reviews for:

Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz and Zubaz Pants

Happy long weekend everyone!!

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One month

Well, it’s hard to believe we’re only one month away.  There are so many little things still on the list and every day it seems like there is something else I remember to do.  I’ll admit, it’s been a tad difficult because during all the planning to get married, on occasion, the “little things” have gotten in the way, causing me to think about the wedding more than the marriage.  Even though I know in the end, the socks Taylor and his groomsmen wear won’t be an issue, I still feel the need to confirm (and reconfirm) that he knows he needs to make sure they all have appropriate socks.   (nevermind the fact that he still does not have a suit to wear yet.)

But despite my attention to ALL THE DETAILS…. I can honestly say we’re both really looking forward to the marriage.  To being partners and friends for life.  To building our home and our little family together.  And to enjoying each others company. 

Only 31 more days until we’re married. 

MARRIED!  Husband & Wife!

It almost doesn’t seem real.

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 Ok, so many months ago I teased that a Decision has been made and again taunted you with Gowns Galore . I believe that at one point I even made promises to show you MORE of the trying on dresses.  I could wah-wah and give you excuses as to why I haven’t been more on the ball with my posting, but I will spare you…and instead, share with you, dress try on day #3. 

My mom came over the Saturday before Christmas and we went to two places to try on dresses.  IT WAS AWESOMELY QUIET!!  I’m not kidding, we were the only people in both stores, the whole time.  It was great to have all the attention of the bridal shop attendants.  There was one pesky manager who wanted to butt in at one of the places but heck, WE WERE THE ONLY ONES THERE!!

You know it’s not show and tell without a long slide show and self deprecating comments.  I admit, putting these pics away for a while and bringing them back out months later does change my perception about some of them a little.  But I am taken back to how I felt in some of them!

This was Super Glam Barbie’s wedding dress.  Very elegant.  The girl helping me said she thought of it like a red carpet dress.  Unfortunately, it accentuated the poochy-ness of my stomach, and created a weird shadow “down there” that I just couldn’t get over. 
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 12 (Custom)

This halter top was surprisingly flattering even though the dress – and my boobs – were too small. 
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 11 (Custom)

I really like this one now.  I don’t particularly remember how I felt in it.   It looks good on me.  Maybe I vaguely remember wanting to see if it came in ivory or champagne?  Mom, do you remember??
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 10 (Custom)

This one had a detachable train…tragic!
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 2 (Custom)

This was beautiful on the hanger, just not right for me.  The layers were too much, but I think would have been better if I were a little taller.
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 (Custom)

Just meh.
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 9 (Custom)

I kinda liked this one.  It was unique and fit well without being too form fitting.  Ultimately, I couldn’t get past the wrinkliness of the fabric.  andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 8 (Custom)

Here’s that same dress with a sash. 
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 5 (Custom)

Just too much. 
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 4 (Custom)

andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 3 (Custom)

When we went shopping, my original criteria was that I didn’t want anything that looked like a cupcake.  But after two unsuccessful shopping trips, I pretty much pulled anything from the rack just to try it on.  This dress ended up being a very serious contender, despite it’s cupcakeyness.  I look like I’m saying “I’m a princess!”
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 7 (Custom)

Same dress, no sash.  Here it looks like I’m saying “I want a golden goose daddy!”
andrea dress shopping part 3 december 2008 6 (Custom)

Unfortunately, out of all the dresses (I feel like I tried on hundreds) I didn’t have a “the one” moment.  I don’t know if it’s due to the excitement and heightened expectations or what…I mean, everyone tells you you’ll find “the one”. 

In the end, I did find something that made my heart flutter.  I promise I’ll tell you soon enough…the wedding is only 32 days away!

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Boot Camp Bride

I never really had an actual plan for pre-wedding shaping up.  I mean, of course in my head I knew I would do something to tone up a little bit, I just didn’t know what.  Well a little over a month ago, a friend told me she had signed up to do a boot camp and invited me to do it with her.  The fee was $180 so initially I thought it was kind of steep for a 4 week class.  AND the class met at 6AM, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks.  I don’t normally know that 6AM exists, much less 5:15AM when I would have to get up and get out of the house. So I declined.  But the more I thought about it, and as I discussed it with Taylor over mexican food for dinner one night, I thought to myself, “I should do it!” 

And I did.  For the past month, I got up at 5:15AM, most mornings and made it to boot camp.  I ran more in those days that I have in my whole life.  Some days we just did 1 mile.  Some days 2.  I also did more pushups and more sweating that I’ve ever done before.  I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  It was hard, but not impossible.  I was even sick for about two weeks of the month, but I kept going to class most days even though I could barely breathe. 

Even though I was the last runner in at the end of our jogs almost every day, I was proud for doing it.  There were some people who were slower than me the first week, but they quit going.  My mile time (of course including some walking) was 12:15 the first day.  On the last day, my mile was 10:29…almost two minutes off my time.  Not breaking any olympic records, but I was pretty pumped.  I can’t say I lost a bunch of weight and got ultra skinny in that month, but my endurance went up and I definitely felt healthier.  I also slept better (and going to bed around 8:30PM helps with the getting up early!)

The class is over now, so I’m getting used to having that extra time in the mornings to sleep in, but I’ve committed myself to keeping up the habit.  I haven’t exactly found a routine yet, but I have started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred . It’s a great work out, and only about 25-30 minutes long with warm up and cool down.  You do the moves in intervals 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs, so it goes by really quickly.  And some of the moves are like what we did in boot camp.  It’s gotten a lot of great reviews and you can get it on Amazon.com for less than $10. 

And just maybe I’ll get around to keeping you posted on my attempt at the 30 Day Shred rather than telling you all about it when I’m done!!

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Shoes, Check!

While I still have several things to mark off the list, I’m glad to have shoes taken care of. 

Aren’t they sassy? 


And they are very comfortable with plenty of cushioning in the ball of the foot.  (I’ve been breaking them in around the house!)

One thing I very highly recommend is searching around for discount and coupon codes when you’re searching for any wedding (or non-wedding!) related purchase.  I got these babies for aroud $40 including free shipping.  That’s about half off regular price!

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