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Austin – Uncommon Objects

My Austin trip two weeks ago was great.  Although it was for work, I still managed to have a great time…isn’t that how traveling for work is supposed to be?!?  I did go up early to do a little bit of wedding stuff, which I’ll get to soon enough.  (I would have had a HUGE Austin post with all the stuff I did in it, but despite how easy it is to upload photos here, there is some trouble inserting many photos into one post, because I have to do them one by one if I want to make commentary. And I’m lazy.)  Anyway, enough blabbering. 

One of my favorite finds of the trip was Uncommon Objects on South Congress. 


This antique store is SO GREAT!  Actually, calling it an antique store is probably an understatement.  They don’t even have the Welch’s jelly jar SLASH drinking glasses that antique stores around here have and call antiques.  There are old pharmacy prescription records, petticoats, valentine cards, pictures, books and so much more.  My colleague (who attended the conference with me) and I went there twice, and spent probably 3 hours total there. 

I could have bought a lot more but I settled on Skip-Bo.  This edition is from around 1967  and has a  sweet, velvety red box top. 


Taylor and I have played Skip Bo with his great aunts and their friends on our hurricane evacuations. 



I think the rules of this particular Skip Bo game are a little different than the new rules, but that’s ok with me.


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