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Bridal Party Proposal

You already knew I was having some trouble deciding what to call the members of my bridal party.  Two of my girls are technically “matrons” but I really don’t like the way the word matron sounds and the definition is pretty ugly too…ESPECIALLY for your best ladies.   I also wanted things to be fun and not so traditional.  Even though it’s a bit dorky what I decided to call my ladies, I love it, and it really exemplifies what they mean to me.  But before I tell you, check out my cards!  This is really my first major DIY attempt! 

I bought a 12 pack of ivory colored cards, black ribbon, and black envelopes.  My colors are going to be ivory and black so I thought this would be a good way to continue the color scheme.  I also gathered some tape, glue, a corner rounder, some miscellaneous scrapbooking paper & sticker, and a razor blade (an x-acto knife would also work!) 

I used 3 cards for each of my ladies.  I cut a slit in the center of the fold in the cards (measure all of them so the slits line up.)Then, I slid 1/3 of the ribbon through the slit (of all 3 cards) and lined them up.  I taped the ribbon in place, then glued around the edges and a line to secure the ribbon down.   

 They looked like this when I was done. 

Then in my best handwriting, using a marker, I wrote each girl’s name on the top card.

I wanted the cards to be silly and sweet, so I found a pic online of 3 awesomely bad bridesmaids (since I’m asking 3 ladies!).  I sized it down, and sized down pictures of my ladies faces.  I printed these on cardstock using a regular inkjet printer.   

I cut out the faces.

Then I glued the faces on the bodies. 

I put the awesome bridesmaids photos asides for a bit and used some sticker bridesmaids for a little extra decoration.

I stuck them to black paper and cut out around them.

I also planned on hand writing a sentimental message for each of the ladies’ cards, but after many mess ups…

and a wine and Rocky Road icecream break…

I just ended up typing everything out and putting it on a red paper background. 

I assembled everything and added a few more flowery embellishments.  And here’s the finished product. 

So, in case you didn’t catch what their titles are.  My ladies are collectively the “Bridal Posse.” 

The members are: 

Sister of Infinite Laughs and Memories – My Best Friend from college.  We have known each other almost 10 years now, since our freshman year of college. We pledged the same sorority together, and were roommates.  I helped her get her drivers license and learn how to cook.  She’s the kind of friend you might not see for weeks or months, but when you get together, you pick up right where you left off. 

Sister of Friendship & Travel – My Former Boss Turned Friend.  She taught me to be the employee and boss I am today.  She’s lived abroad, is a great writer, a travel enthusiast, and runs a B&B with her husband in Italy.  I’m so lucky to know her. 

Sister of All Things Fashionable & Cool – My Biological Sister.  She’s a few years younger than me, but around the time I went to college, we started to get closer.  She’s a wonderful, smart, beautiful young woman.  I love it that as we get older, we have become great friends. 

I’m so fortunate to have all three of them in my life and as a part of my Bridal Posse! 

After I let everything dry, I folded them up and carefully stuffed them into black envelopes.  I wrote my ladies’ names, again in my best handwriting, using a silver pen.

 I “popped the question” to each of my ladies in private.  They loved their cards and accepted my proposal.  There were even a few teary moments. 

Now it’s your turn, did you “propose” to your ladies in a special way?


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