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100 Days

I’ve been traveling for work the past week. The conference I attended was also in Austin so I had a chance to do a tiny bit for the wedding. Mom traveled with me and we stayed at one of our blocked hotels. Thankfully it was nice. And the two hotels we booked are a parking lot away from each other, which is nice. We also ate at the restaurant/winery where we are having lunch after the ceremony. We were there for about 3 hours, enjoying the delicious wine and food. I’m so pumped about lunch after the wedding! And fortunately the leaps of faith (not seeing the hotels or restaurant before booking them and only seeing them less than 4 months before the wedding) have worked out. I was starting to build our wedding website and it told me we have 100 days to go. So in the next 100 days, there is a lot to do.

A few things include:

  • Finish the website
  • Print and mail invitations
  • Decide how to do my hair & makeup
  • Decide about flowers
  • Make sure bridal party has rooms reserved
  • Buy shoes & appropriate undergarments
  • Book honeymoon flights and hotels
  • Write our ceremony & vows

I’m not stressed yet, would you be?


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