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A Decision Has Been Made

I’ve been putting off the wedding dress decision for a long time now.  But realized that if I didn’t take the leap, I wouldn’t have very many choices.  I was comfortable with a dress but then saw something that made my heart flutter.  I won’t reveal it just yet (mostly because it is a few weeks out from getting here) but I did want to start sharing the long journey it has been for me to decide on the dress. 

A selected few photos from my first dress shopping excursion way back in October.  I brought the posse with me…mom, future mother in law, sister and best friend.  The things I thought I wanted in a dress: not strapless, lace, very short/no train, corset back.

(PS Welcome to the Self Deprecation Hour!)

This is the first dress I tried on.  Too much heavy beading on top, thick straps, long-ish train.

 Another dress, yay for corset back, boo for the wierd place the line of lace stops on my thighs.

The crowd favorite, every loved this one.  My mom would have dropped some $$ on the spot.  I liked it but wasn’t in love with it.  And it just barely fit, so I felt kinda sausaged into it.  This dress helped me like the strapless option & sweetheart neckline. 

I loved the gold color of this dress on me, but the side gathers hit me in a wierd spot that made the fit unflattering.  It also had a corset back.  (PS…The color of the room is even more awful in person!)


So after many dresses for day 1, I found out that:

1.  You only have the armpit/boob fat if your dress doesn’t fit properly.  This means strapless isn’t out of the question. 

2.  Just because I love a dress in a magazine, doesn’t mean it will look good on me.

3.  I still want a short train. 

4.  Corset back is great except when annoying bridal consultants insist on strapping you up, properly, the entire way, which happens to take 20 minutes.  Especially when about 1 minute in you realize you don’t really like the dress that much. 

5.  Wear socks or flip flops WITH THE DRESS.  One of the stores I went to that day had some yucky carpet pedestals to stand on.  It was icky.

6.  It is really tiring ducking and diving into all those dresses.  Don’t forget to eat first and bring some water with you. 


 Up next, Rounds 2, 3, & 4, and the dress.


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