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My best friend from college and I LUVed Tenacious D and the video to the song Tribute.  You should check it out here

So, this post is not about the song Tribute, but rather “The World’s Most Popular Wine“. 

Yesterday at Spec’s I saw one lady with not one, but two boxes of Franzia and another lady with a box.  Neither of them had a bag to carry the wine out to their car, they carried it briefcase style.  I wasn’t there very long, and considering the sheer volume of wines to choose from, one might say that Franzia could be the best wine in the world.  For now, I don’t know, since I bought this…


It’s Gazela Vinho Verde from Portugal.  I don’t normally go for the whites but it caught my attention.  It’s got a tiny bit of carbonation and is pretty yummy.  I’m a wine cheapo, and I think it was around $6.


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