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Honey if you love me…

The premise of this game I’ve played in my college jobs and at church camps in high school, is this…

You go up to a person in a circle and say, “Honey, if you love me, you’ll smile.”  You then do whatever you can think of to get the person to smile (cracking jokes or doing silly things usually does the trick). 

So now, in my circle of blog friends… Honey, if you love me, you’ll sign up to try to win me a pre-owned wedding dress. 

That right.  I haven’t completely settled on a dress yet, even though I’ve got a wedding date less than 6 months away. 

If you love me, you’ll go to the Preowned Wedding Dresses Website and enter their contest to win a wedding dress valued at up to $1500.  You can enter once per day, per email address, through February 28th.

And of course, if you win, you let me pick a dress…because you love me.  🙂


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