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I’m going to Las Vegas in about two weeks.  I’ll be there for work, and mostly in workshops during the day, but will have evenings free.  I’ve never been before and I will also have a friend traveling with me.  Where should we go?   If you need hints on what I like, I love good music, theater, travel and food.  I’m willing to do the touristy things but am equally interested in “doing as the natives do.”

Unfortunately Cher and Elton John are not there when we are there.  I have not checked on Celine Dion, and am not so sure about Blue Man Group.  I might could be convinced to see either.  Barry Manilow is almost outside my price range and I don’t think he’s there while I am anyway.  AND I am NOT riding those roller coasters that plunge off the top of the stratosphere.


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