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Weird & Nasty

One of the guys who picks up trash at work almost always gives me candy, from his pocket.  It’s all warm, which is nasty.  It is difficult to decline the candy so, I take it then go and throw it away in another trash can in the office.  That way if he comes the next day to get the trash he won’t see it in my trash can.


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My best friend from college and I LUVed Tenacious D and the video to the song Tribute.  You should check it out here

So, this post is not about the song Tribute, but rather “The World’s Most Popular Wine“. 

Yesterday at Spec’s I saw one lady with not one, but two boxes of Franzia and another lady with a box.  Neither of them had a bag to carry the wine out to their car, they carried it briefcase style.  I wasn’t there very long, and considering the sheer volume of wines to choose from, one might say that Franzia could be the best wine in the world.  For now, I don’t know, since I bought this…


It’s Gazela Vinho Verde from Portugal.  I don’t normally go for the whites but it caught my attention.  It’s got a tiny bit of carbonation and is pretty yummy.  I’m a wine cheapo, and I think it was around $6.

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T-minus 5 months

Exactly 5 months from today, Taylor and I will be basking in newlywed bliss.  In my mind, we’ll wake up late-ish, maybe around 10 or 11.  We’ll eat a lovely first breakfast as a married couple.  If it were up to me, it would be a brunch, with the family and friends who will have celebrated our marriage the day before.  Taylor thinks brunch is lame, so it’ll be breakfast.   After that, we’ll be lazy.  Or maybe find a few things to do around Austin.

But this is where I snap out of the dream.  We have less than 5 months now to get everything together.  I haven’t officially settled on a wedding dress.  I know..shame on me..don’t I know it’s “Bridal Christmas” right now.  And everyone in the whole damn world just got engaged and is trying to order a dress and get married in June, so there is no way I could ever order a dress in time.  HA!  I do have a dress in my posession that I am completely happy with.  It is not traditional, but I really love how I feel in it, so if I don’t find another dress it will not be the end of the world. 

Also, I need to seriously start updating the blog.  I always admit I’m neglecting it, start blogging a few days, then back to the same old tricks.  But I really want to try my best to chronicle the wedding planning here(since we honestly haven’t really done much before now).  I’m pretty sentimental like that, and would kick myself in a few months if I hadn’t done anything. 

So, as a tease, I leave you with an ultra fab shot of me the first day I went trying on wedding dresses.  It was taken illegally in the dressing room (brides know that boutiques FORBID you from taking pictures!!!!)  This one made me feel like I was wearing heavy, lace curtains that had been fashioned into a wedding dress. And I promise, there are more to come. 


PS….for my few readers who don’t care about wedding stuff, this isn’t turning into a wedding blog…I’ll still post other random stuff!

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Things I’m loving right now include…

Netflix….seriously people, why haven’t I signed up sooner?!?  Two days ago, I signed up, today I got my movies.   Um, seriously, it’s awesome. 

The Hardys wine box.  I love the Shiraz.  And I love me some Austrailian wine.  If the box really holds 4 bottles worth, it comes out to about $4 a bottle….and you can’t beat that!

Southwest Chicken Chili.  My pal Brooke at EverydayBailey invited us over for this chicken chili once and it was awesome.  Even Taylor eats it and likes it.  I’ve made it twice now…in the past two weeks.  If you don’t like bell pepper, add extra onion.  You can also make a double batch and freeze it.  Serve with Fritos corn chips and shredded cheese.  If you like sour cream, it adds a delicious, cool, creamy goodness to this dish. 

Southwest Chicken Chili

1 cup chopped onion

1 cup diced green bell pepper

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 1/2 cups pulled or shredded chicken

1/2 cup chopped cilantro 

1/4 cup strongly brewed coffee

1 1/2 T chili powder

1 t brown sugar

½ t ground red pepper

1 can kernal yellow corn, drained

1 can black beans, drained

2 cans diced tomatoes with liquid

1 cup water

2 T cornmeal

3 T water

1 T salt

1/4 cup corn starch (optional; thickens the soup up a bit)


Heat a pot over medium heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Add onion, bell pepper, and garlic. Cook 5 minutes or until the onion is translucent, stirring often.  Add chicken, cilantro and next 8 ingredients, stirring to combine. Add salt and stir.  Bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes.


Combine cornmeal and 3 Ts water in a small bowl. Add to chicken mixture, stirring well to combine. Add the corn starch to the pot and stir the chili until combined.  Simmer, uncovered for 10 minutes.


Optional: Serve with corn chips, sour cream and shredded cheese.

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Honey if you love me…

The premise of this game I’ve played in my college jobs and at church camps in high school, is this…

You go up to a person in a circle and say, “Honey, if you love me, you’ll smile.”  You then do whatever you can think of to get the person to smile (cracking jokes or doing silly things usually does the trick). 

So now, in my circle of blog friends… Honey, if you love me, you’ll sign up to try to win me a pre-owned wedding dress. 

That right.  I haven’t completely settled on a dress yet, even though I’ve got a wedding date less than 6 months away. 

If you love me, you’ll go to the Preowned Wedding Dresses Website and enter their contest to win a wedding dress valued at up to $1500.  You can enter once per day, per email address, through February 28th.

And of course, if you win, you let me pick a dress…because you love me.  🙂

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I’m going to Las Vegas in about two weeks.  I’ll be there for work, and mostly in workshops during the day, but will have evenings free.  I’ve never been before and I will also have a friend traveling with me.  Where should we go?   If you need hints on what I like, I love good music, theater, travel and food.  I’m willing to do the touristy things but am equally interested in “doing as the natives do.”

Unfortunately Cher and Elton John are not there when we are there.  I have not checked on Celine Dion, and am not so sure about Blue Man Group.  I might could be convinced to see either.  Barry Manilow is almost outside my price range and I don’t think he’s there while I am anyway.  AND I am NOT riding those roller coasters that plunge off the top of the stratosphere.

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