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Note: You already know I blog at another wedding related site.  I published this entry and it was edited so as not to include the name of the place because of the tiny bit of negativity.  For my personal blog, I wanted to share everything about our thoughts and struggles so I have included the name of the venue here. 

You can check out the beginning of this story here.

When we got home after looking at all the places…we decided the Houston Museum of Natural Science Gem and Mineral Hall was perfect for us.  It was a reasonable price and though we had just a few questions we were ready to book it. 

I contacted one of the museum’s exclusive caterers about food and beverage (the one that is allowed to serve alcohol…we didn’t want to have to bother with booking two caterers).  Their price quote would help us make the decision of if we would rent for just the ceremony – 2 hours – or for the ceremony and reception – 4 hours.  The caterer took several days to get back to me after my initial request, but finally did and asked me for more detailed information on the reception (date, format, etc.)  I replied promptly (the same or next day) with the requested information.  I am still waiting to receive a quote.**  🙂 

I also started checking around with restaurants so I could compare prices so we could make our final decision.  (I’ll blog more about that experience a little later). 

Although we never heard back from the caterer, we really loved the Gem and Mineral Hall, and knew we could find a place for our 75 person reception/dinner, so we were ready to put our deposit down. 

I emailed our contact at the museum and asked her a few questions (about lighting, music, flash photography, service charges, and taxes).  We were interested in Friday, June 26th because that would have been 1 year to the day that Taylor proposed.  Unfortunately, that date was booked, so we got penciled in for Saturday, June 20th.  We had a date and a 3 week window to put down the deposit and sign the contract!  No problem, right?

Wrong.  I emailed her again just two days after she penciled us in to ask when she would be available for us to come sign the contract.   I didn’t get a response for two days (not a big deal) and we thought we were going to be headed to Houston the next weekend, so I emailed again to ask if she would be available on the next Monday for us to come in, since we’d be around.  I’m still waiting on a response.** 

So now, you tell me, did you have trouble securing a venue?  Did you stalk or let it go if someone didn’t return your calls?

**I’m really not waiting on a response.  It is so easy to become frustrated and stalk the person until you get in touch with them.  But we took the lack of responses as a sign that both the caterer and museum would likely treat us the same way if we were having our wedding there, so it would be better off not chancing it, even though we loved the place.  I will admit it was difficult to just start over on our search, but it ended up being for the best.


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