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Wedding Dress Styles

We’ve set a wedding date, and I promise to tell you more soon.  But in the mean time… I was searching for wedding dress ideas and found a few that really aren’t my style. 

All pictures from Dresses.com.

This one is Snow White:

Take Note:

Feminine Touch:


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Random Thoughts

It’s Friday, and I have taken a vacation day!  Woohoo. 

I tried to do a little Christmas shopping with very little luck.  There were about 10 billion people at the mall, not to mention, every kid in every choir from the state of Texas must have been there. 

I feel sorry for the people who work at mall eating establishments when someone cuts in line, thrusts their cup forward, and announces what beverage they were drinking.  Of course this all happens while someone else is trying to order.  I also feel sorry that this particular worker is required to say “my pleasure” to obnoxious asses like that. 

I also went to Toys R Us today.  What the heck was I thinking?

What is the point of street sweepers?  They seem to just sweep everything evenly over the whole road instead of just to the edge near the gutters.

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