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Dress Day

Accompanied by my entourage (mom, sis, best friend, and future mother-in-law) we set out to try on wedding dresses for the first time.  I had gone once to David’s Bridal to look, but didn’t see anything that I just had to try on that day.  So we went to Ventura’s Bridal, which is this bridal warehouse in Houston.  They have tons of designer bridal gowns and they also rent tuxedos and sell bridesmaid dresses.  We had a ton of fun when the girl told us to pick a bunch of dresses that we thought were interesting and then we’d narrow it down to some to try on. We did a pretty good job, and what I though I’d like the best ended up being pretty unflattering.  I do know I want lace with a short train.  Check out a few of the dresses I tried on!

Too much train, too much poofiness, too much on the straps.

I kinda liked the top on this but the bottom definitely had too many pick-ups and would look funky bustled up (which I would want to do anyway because I don’t care for a long train.)  This dress would be cool with a secret dyed crinoline underneath, which would make for cool pictures.

The next photo was taken in super-secret, since the 2nd bridal store we visited didn’t want you taking pictures.  They also were really freaky about lacing me up the whole way every time I tried on a dress.  Seriously, some of them i knew I didn’t like when i had them on, so I definitely didn’t need to be laced all the way up.  And they also made me go stand on the step stool thingy that felt grody on my feet.  But I digress, I don’t like the wide band around the waist but I LUV the color (which you probably can’t see very well).  And it’s Maggie Sottero and has a corset back, which is something I really prefer to have.  I’m on a mission to find a few more Maggie dresses in a similar style with that color to try on.

Here’s me with the crowd favorite (the one I mentioned yesterday).

And last but not least, I leave you with an awesome photo of me in a dress that looks like heavy lace drapes!  Terrible!


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Change of Plans

This morning I was planning on showing you pics of some of the lovely dresses I tried on two weekends ago, but my photos won’t load quickly enough and I really ought to get to work. 

In the interim, this was the crowd favorite

I love the short (sweep) train.  It is elegant and not fussy.  I didn’t think I’d like the strapless, but it worked.  I want to try on a few more styles and see some more options before I make a decision.  Tonight I’ll be able to spend more time on a post for you to see the pics.

Happy Wednesday!

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Wedding Talk

Since wedding planning is now more or less consuming my life right now, you are fortunate (or not, depending on how you look at it) to be subjected to mass quantities of wedding talk in the upcoming weeks.  I’ll do my very best to try not to bore you.

So, last weekend we went to check out some possible wedding venues. We looked at a 4 places that were all very different.  First we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  We had initially liked the butterfly exhibit, but decided it might be a little too humid.  And most likely our guests would have to stand for the ceremony, which wouldn’t really work out so well.  It was very beautiful though.

At the museum, we also toured the Gem and Mineral Hall, and really ended up liking it.  There is also an awesome gem vault that contains Titanic-esque jewels. Guests could check out the vault while waiting for the ceremony or during the reception. This picture really does very little justice to the space, but this is one of the exhibits that could serve as a backdrop to the ceremony.

We checked out two “wedding venue” places. One was in a sketchy part of town. And the other one is our second choice (behind the Gem and Minerals!) but is a little to “wedding-y” for us.  We want something unique.

We also checked out a restaurant near where my parents live.  It’s called the Rainbow Lodge, and really has a great atmosphere, an awesome outdoor patio and beautiful landscaping.  We may consider holding something there over the wedding weekend, but are scared about having an outdoor wedding at a place with minimal plan B options.  Also, there are A LOT of steep stairs down to the patio, and we’ll have some older guests who may not be able to make it down the stairs.

So we’re heavily leaning toward the museum, and are really pumped.  We think it’ll be beautiful and very unique.  We don’t know anyone else whose gotten married there.  What do you think?

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I am alive despite your not hearing a peep from me for a while.  I promise after this weekend I’ll be back.  Hope all is well!

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Well, I’ve pretty much sucked at blogging lately.  Things seemed to be on the upswing.  I have finally hired my last employee, making a full staff.  She did the mandatory orientation today.  And the other employee I hired only one month ago was out sick today.  And it seems she’ll be out for a few days (she didn’t know how long exactly) because she is going to be taking her husband to a hospital in Houston.  I don’t like to pry into people’s lives, and don’t particularly care what a person’s reason for being sick is (blame it on hearing too much about explosive diarrhea and other awful illnesses via voicemail).  However, I try my best to be flexible, considering employees have to go through a 6 month probation period before they can take vacation.  In the past year I’ve offered two different positions to people, only to have them back out right at the last minute.  It is so freaking frustrating.

I just hope I don’t lose this one.  I really don’t enjoy re-doing the hiring process.  And especially not for the same position.

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DIY (do it yourself) eyebrow and lip waxing.  Do you risk botching it up yourself or pay someone else and risk them botching it up?  Discuss actual life experiences and potential consequences of DIY waxing versus paying someone else to do it.  Also, feel free to take a stand in support or against doing it yourself.

In case you are wondering, I do have some small scabs just below my eyebrows as a result of an exciting evening DIY waxing.  I had the materials and my 100000X magnification mirror made me believe I had a huge unibrow.  I just don’t know if the wax was too hot or if it was just too good at it’s job, therefore taking some skin with the hair.  My sweetie was nice and didn’t say anything out loud when he noticed the scabs (he could have said “gah, what happened to your eyebrows?”)   He was optimistic however, “maybe you’ll have a scar there and the hair won’t grow back.”  Isn’t that sweet?

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