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Woohoo… I had the day off thanks to Tropical Storm Edouard. Luckily we only got a fair amount of rain and no damage. I know you might be wondering what I did on my unexpected day off so let me tell you.

  • Sleep in. (DUH!)
  • Eat breakfast at the Waffle House with the fiance and his folks. I noticed there were 32 songs related to the Waffle House and/or eating on the jukebox. Don’t believe me? Click here to check out the Waffle House Music Machine.
  • Bought a few swim suit pieces at Academy on sale.
  • Got a few things ready for my upcoming Chicago trip.

Overall, it was just like a regular weekend. On the way to breakfast I did see a baby alligator snapping turtle in the road.

I promise better pictures soon!


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