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The Medium Bucks

Sometimes I make a joke that just seems to stick with me and I end up finding a way to tell everyone, even if it is corny. Yesterday’s joke was “this is what I get paid the medium bucks for.”  Right now work and life are stressful.  I am supposed to have a new employee start today. She notified me yesterday (by email) that she wasn’t going to be able to take the job due to some family circumstances.  I offered her more time to get things settled if she wanted to start in a few weeks, but haven’t heard back from her yet.  I know that things work out the way they are supposed to work out, but it is still stressful.  Especially considering the fact that I have another employee whose last day is the 14th.  So for the start of school it looks like it’ll be me, the administrative assistant and a grad student.  I don’t want to open the search back up, but I don’t know that I’m 100% sure that one of the other candidates I interviewed is right. BLEH! 

There is also bachelorette party drama in my world that I won’t go into too much, but I’m choosing to take the high road and not respond to a nasty email I received.  But then again that’s what I get paid the medium bucks for! 

I’m glad it’s the weekend.  And although I am no longer going to the bachelorette party, I still have a lot of work I need to do in preparation to head to Chicago next weekend.


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