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Top Five Friday

Random thoughts edition.

1.  I really love the Skin Tight Denim Creme nail polish I’ve got on my toes right now.

2.  It bugs me how in bridal magazines the mothers of the brides often look like they are competing for best dressed at the wedding. And how all the people in the “real people’s weddings” seem to be “real people who are real millionaires.”

3.  Zicam Oral Mist seems to be a great way to keep a cold under control.

4. Being a grown up is draining sometimes.  Lately I’ve been comparing insurance policies and thinking about how flexible spending plans could help me save money.

5. I got to offer a job to my top candidate today and they accepted.  Now I just have to break the news to someone who thinks they have the job in the bag.

Happy Weekend everyone!  I’m going to a wedding this weekend to scope things out.  I don’t even the girl or guy getting married, her mom is my (temporary) boss.  I’m also going to my first bridal show.  Should be fun times. Maybe I’ll have something good to blog about next week.


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