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As you may already know, I’ve been gathering my old things from my parents’ house. In all the gathering, I had still been missing a box that contained my yearbooks. This weekend I found the box (along with two others!) So today’s Remember Wednesday takes us all the way back to high school. For me, all the way back is….

  • 9+ years ago
  • band camp, being assistant drum major and playing clarinet
  • yearbook committee
  • summer vacation
  • friends
  • driving the Taurus (and getting in trouble for going to fuddrucker’s)
  • theater class and lip syncing “I will survive” in my mom’s homemade, high school homecoming dress
  • My senior year book…

  • And my letterman jacket….

And so many more awesome (and slightly embarrassing) memories, which I promise to share with you as my 10 year high school reunion comes up next summer. And as I sort through all the boxes to make room for when the fiancĂ© and I share space. This is my spare bedroom closet, which I think is (somewhat) organized….

I know… his stuff won’t fit.


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